Xbox Series X/S Has Impressive Early Start in UK

Early Xbox launch numbers have been released for the UK via a VGC report, and it appears the console is performing slightly ahead of what the Xbox One managed back in 2013. This makes it the largest Xbox launch ever for the region. It was also the biggest Xbox launch of all time, with a global release instead of a region-stagged launch like Microsoft has done in the past.

The difference between the two generations isn’t enormous, with the Xbox Series X and Series S managing to sell 155,000 units in its first two days compared to 150,000 for the Xbox One. However, when considering the supply shortages likely caused by the ongoing pandemic–and customers’ tightened budgets because of it–it’s promising news for Microsoft.

Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad corroborated the news on November 18, adding that this puts the systems ahead of the launch sales for the 3DS, Wii, DS, and Nintendo Switch. It puts them about 90,000 under the PS4’s launch sales in the UK.

About two-thirds of all consoles sold in the first two days were the Xbox Series X, despite its higher price. This isn’t that unusual considering that early sales are largely to enthusiasts, with the console already sold out nearly everywhere. The Xbox Series S, which is $200 cheaper, should catch up over time.

Both Microsoft and Sony have thus far struggled in Japan, however, likely because of supply shortages. According to Bloomberg, Sony only sold about 118,000 PS5 consoles compared to about triple that number of PS4 systems, and Microsoft sold just over 20,000 Xbox Series X and S systems, which is a few thousand less than it managed for the Xbox One. As they become easier to find, we should have a better picture of how they’re truly performing.

Though the Xbox Series X and S are out of stock nearly everywhere, you’ll have a chance to purchase them again for Black Friday. The consoles, along with the PS5, will be available online via Walmart on November 25 at 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET. You can also read our full Xbox Series X review and use our Xbox Series X/S order guide to help you secure a console.

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