Xbox Series X Restock On Black Friday 2020: Console Bundles On GameStop Today

If you weren’t able to buy the Xbox Series X or the digital-only Xbox Series S on launch day earlier in the month, Black Friday might be one of the best opportunities to grab one before the end of the year. A handful of major retailers will have the Xbox Series X and Series S in-stock during their Black Friday sales this week, but it can be pretty hard to keep track of where and when the new Xbox console is available. You’ll also have to be quick–once a retailer does restock, the Xbox Series X and Series S sell out in a flash. The latest retailer to claim an upcoming Xbox Series X restock is GameStop, which has reported that it will have a limited number of console bundles available to purchase online only, today. Scroll down to the GameStop section of our Xbox console restock tracker for more details.

Here’s what you need to know if you want to buy the Xbox Series X or Series S during Black Friday. For more Black Friday tips, check out our guide to the best Black Friday deals and store hours, plus a roundup of high-interest Black Friday ads. Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and other major retailers are offering up huge online savings this year, so don’t miss out.

Black Friday 2020 Xbox Series X/S restock

After Xbox Series X and Series S sold out on launch day, retailers have been preparing for their next big restock on Black Friday. Several stores have confirmed they will have the Xbox Series X and S available for purchase this week, and though most are keeping orders online, at least one–GameStop–will have in-store availability. Here’s where you can find either the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S during Black Friday week.

GameStop Xbox Series X Restock (Today)

GameStop is reportedly planning to have Xbox Series X/S console bundles available online only today, Tuesday, November 24, and “soon.” The retailer did not mention the time this online-exclusive sale will launch, but it did emphasize that there will be a “limited number of bundles,” so if you want one, you better head start camping the site now. Be sure to login, clear your cart, and be ready to jump on the deal once it launches.

If you’re looking to grab a console from GameStop, this might be your safest option. The only other time GameStop will have the Series X available is in-stores on Black Friday. The ongoing COVID-19 crisis makes in-person shopping more of a risk, so exercise caution. Find more info on GameStop’s Xbox Series X/S in-store availability below.

  • Date: Friday, November 27
  • Time: Stores open 7 AM
  • Where: In-stores only

In GameStop’s Black Friday ad, the games retailer revealed it will have the Series X and S in stores only on Black Friday (November 27). Every store will have a minimum of two Series X units at opening, though don’t expect them to have much more than that. Though a press release mentions “Xbox Series X/S” availability, it’s unclear if there will be a minimum of two Series S units per store as well, and when asked, the retailer declined to share any more details beyond what’s in its Black Friday ad . GameStop stores will open at 7 AM local time on Black Friday, and you’ll want to call your local store ahead of time for availability.

Walmart Xbox Series X Restock

  • Date: Wednesday, November 25
  • Time: 6 PM PT / 9 PM ET
  • Where: Online

Though we saw a quick Walmart restock on November 19, the retailer’s Black Friday ad confirms it will also have Xbox Series X stock during Black Friday. The Walmart Black Friday ad does not show or mention the Series S, so it appears the restock will only feature the flagship console. The restock will be online-only at 6 PM PT / 9 PM ET on Wednesday, November 25, which is two hours after the Black Friday sale officially starts on Walmart’s website. Make sure you have your page ready to go the second that time arrives or you will have essentially no chance to get the console, if the last restock is anything to go on. Also make sure your payment and shipping information has been saved ahead of time.

Target Xbox Series X Restock

It’s unclear if Target will have the Xbox Series X on Black Friday. Target’s Black Friday 2020 ad only mentions the launch day restock and doesn’t hint at availability later this month.

Best Buy Xbox Series X Restock

Best Buy has kept its Xbox restock plans vague. The store did announce it will not have any Xbox Series X or Series S units in brick-and-mortar stores until 2021, but though its Black Friday ad shows the Xbox Series X, the retailer would not confirm availability during the event. Instead, it told GameSpot the Xbox Series X/S will be up for purchase on whenever units are available.

Xbox Series X Resellers

If you miss out on restocks at the major retailers, reseller sites like StockX have plenty of units available, though be prepared to pay more than list price. Right now, buyers are asking around $380 for the Series S and $730 for the Series X. If you do buy from a reseller, make sure the Xbox console you’re getting has the right type of plug for your region.

No other retailers have shared specific plans for restocking the Xbox on Black Friday and beyond. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @GameSpotDeals for the latest updates on Xbox availability. In the meantime, catch up on our Xbox Series X review for our console impressions and more details.

Where to order the Xbox Series X

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Where to buy Xbox Series X/S accessories now

The new Xbox Wireless Controllers releasing alongside the Xbox Series X and Series S are available in Carbon Black, Robot White, and Shock Blue. They feature a more ergonomic design; textured grips on the bumpers, triggers, and back case; and an Elite controller-inspired hybrid D-pad for improved precision. The updated controllers also have a new integrated Share button for capturing and recording gameplay moments.

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Xbox Series X games and subscription

Microsoft is pushing its Xbox Game Pass subscription for next-gen, which grants access to a massive, rotating library of games for a monthly fee, including the ability to play first-party games like Halo Infinite on day one. You can still preorder some of the biggest games coming to Xbox Series X and Series S now.

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