Tappett Debuts Contactless Networking Tools for Digital Age – Press Release

Entrepreneurs, professionals, and businesses can make instant impressions with new smart business cards & networking tools.

Statistics show that more than 80% of business cards, and flyers handed out would ultimately end up in the trash, yet entrepreneurs, managers, and professionals still use paper business cards to network and prospect. The team at Tappett has created a smart alternative to the traditional paper card with their all new smart business cards, which has just officially launched.

These newly developed Smart Cards when tapped on a phone, would direct to a specific profile of the cardholder on the Tappett website. Tappett smart business cards are compatible with both iPhone and Android devices, ensuring that most can enjoy the exceptional benefits of Tappett technology.

“Our company has reinvented one of the oldest networking tools in the book with the use of 21st century technology,” said a spokesperson for Tappett. “Our smart networking tools can solve the problems posed by traditional business cards while offering a new world of interaction.”

Paper business cards do pose many challenges. For instance, business cards are expensive to print and are not eco-friendly. Business cards can easily get lost, and only entitle limited amount of information. Paper Business cards often run out or the information on them can be out of date, therefor individuals would find themselves constantly paying to update or restock them.

The Tappett smart networking tools solves all of these issues while offering striking opportunities to the traditional business card. People and businesses using Tappett can quickly exchange their information in seconds, making an instant impression with prospective customers, clients, and partners. For those who are interested in making networking and prospecting an easier task, Tappett is a viable solution.

In addition to their smart business card, Tappett offers a Smart Stand designed to be placed at a receptionist, or on a desk to replace business cards or flyers. Customers would simply tap their phone on the stand to receive promotions, flyers, or other business related information. Tappett also presents Smart Phone-Tags, and Smart phone Grip-Holders that when tapped on other phones would direct a profile link of the owner with their contact information, social media accounts and much more.

Furthermore, Tappett offers a special solution for the time of COVID-19. Since Tappett is a contactless method of exchanging information, users can enjoy sharing social media accounts and contact information without handing out physical cards and spreading bacteria or viruses.

When users are ready to update their profile or when one of their contact information is changed, all they need to do is visit the Tappett website, login to their account, and enter their new information. The new info is updated immediately so that past and future contacts would have the latest information, such as phone numbers, websites, bio details, and social media accounts.

Tappett smart networking tools are programmable with contact and networking information uploaded to them. There are various products and designs to choose from, depending on the customer’s desire. Clients would have the option to further customize the product with their name, logo and other information printed on them.

Full details about these smart networking tools can be found at https://www.tappett.com

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Tappett offers smart, contactless networking tools for the digital age.

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