The Technology 202: ACLU sues DHS over purchase of cellphone location data used to track immigrants

It’s critical we uncover how federal agencies are accessing bulk databases of Americans’ location data and why,” Nathan Freed Wessler, senior staff attorney with the ACLU’s Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project, said in a statement. “There can be no accountability without transparency.

Senate Democrats, such as privacy advocate Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), had written a letter to DHS asking for more information on how such data was being used. On Wednesday morning, they disclosed that the department’s inspector general would take up the matter.

“If federal agencies are tracking American citizens without warrants, the public deserves answers and accountability,” Wyden said in a statement. “I won’t accept anything less than a thorough and swift inspector general investigation that sheds light on CBP’s phone location data surveillance program.”

The lawsuit highlights how the explosion of private-sector data and location-tracking services can be leveraged by the government. 

Government agencies typically

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FIU will employ high-tech computer modeling to track Biscayne Bay’s pollution problems

It’s no mystery what has triggered the algae blooms, fish kills and sea grass die-offs that have troubled Biscayne Bay over the last few years. It’s pollution.

But what pollution, how much and where is it coming from? Those are murky questions that may soon be cleared up with the help of a super high-tech computer modeling system run by Florida International University.

The modeling technology, which can generate simulations in just a few minutes as opposed to days, promises to help scientists and government agencies understand how pollutants like phosphorus and nitrogen are transported through canals into the bay, and the harmful effects they create.

Knowing how water and pollution circulates is crucial to any project to improve water quality in Miami’s backyard paradise, said Henry Briceno, a professor at the Institute of Environment at Florida International University (FIU).

“What we need is a way to assess the conditions

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Microsoft Announced a ‘Productivity’ Feature That Lets Managers Keep Track of Everything You Do. It Didn’t Go Over Well

One of the most challenging things about the shift over the last eight months to working remotely is how we all measure productivity. In the past, managers could often see exactly what an employee was working on since they often worked in close proximity to each other. That’s not the case when we’re all working remotely.

Actually, calling it a shift is probably not entirely accurate. It was more of a sudden–and, in many cases–painful reaction to a world that had changed almost literally overnight, as companies were forced to send their employees to work from home. It’s also not likely to change any time soon.

Figuring out how to stay productive under those circumstances has been a challenge, to say the least. In many cases, people are simply trying to figure out the best way to balance work, life, and everything else that comes with keeping your family safe

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Internet sleuths track down mysterious shimmering monolith deep in Utah desert

Internet sleuths needed just two days to track down a mysterious metal monolith planted deep in the Utah desert.

The discovery of the shimmering structure by wildlife officials as they flew over the Mars-like Red Rock region was revealed on Monday, but its precise location was kept secret.

That set off a furious hunt by internet detectives who used flight tracking data to home in on the likely spot.  

The co-ordinates were shared on Reddit by Tim Slane, who also scanned the map for the exact features of the terrain seen in the photos and videos released by officials.  

David Surber, 33, spotted the Reddit post and drove six hours through the night before reaching the monolith on Wednesday. 

“I decided to go there first because I was drawn to the fact that this object had been there for five years, hidden in nature,” he said. 

At first he was

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Apple on Track for Strong Holiday Sales for AirPods, IPhone 12, Analyst Says

Apple  (AAPL) – Get Report is likely to see the AirPods and IPhone 12 flying off the shelves this holiday shopping season, a Wedbush analyst said Wednesday. 

Shares of the Cupertino, Calif.-based tech giant were up nearly 1% to $116.15 on Wednesday morning.

Analyst Daniel Ives, who has an outperform rating on Apple with a $150 price target, said that “as we head into Black Friday and the start of holiday shopping season we are seeing a surge of consumer demand for Apple’s AirPods Pro with some good discounts on the horizon.”

Ives estimates that Apple will sell sell roughly 18 million AirPods during the course of the next month and is on pace to yet again be “a clear star” of Black Friday and the holiday season.

“We estimate that Apple is on pace to sell over 90 million AirPods units in 2020 and is now on

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Plans for luxurious Eastern Wharf development on track months after devastating fire – Business – Savannah Morning News

Descending off the Truman Parkway to downtown Savannah, it’s hard not to notice the towering structures taking shape at the Eastern Wharf development. From office, retail and apartments to a new 193-room Hyatt branded hotel, crews remain at work on the $600 million mixed-use project along east President Street.

Despite a massive fire in February that destroyed a large portion of the Riverworks Apartment building, the space is scheduled to have its first move-ins in May and design of phase two is also getting underway.

“We want to keep our momentum going, we got pushed back with fire, but we didn’t stop,” said Trent Germano, co-founder of the Mariner Group, who along with Regent Partners and financial partner ELV Associates are behind the development. “I will say that working with everybody out here in the field and with our design teams, development teams, we overcame the fire and it was

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MCC Adds Computer Science Track to Honors Program

This post was contributed by a community member. The views expressed here are the author’s own.

Middlesex Community College strives to help students find their paths and reach their goals. In an effort to continue supporting student success, Middlesex is adding a Computer Science track to the college’s Commonwealth Honors Program (CHP). Participating in CHP nurtures students’ integrity, honesty, perseverance, academic achievement, intellectual curiosity and a collaborative spirit, while honing leadership, research and networking skills.

Binnur Ercem, MCC’s Director of the CHP and Professor of Sociology and Cultural Anthropology, worked with faculty from the Computer Science program to offer five seminars that are eligible for honors credit for students who qualify.

“This new and one-of-a-kind track is the first honors track in a STEM field,” Ercem said. “The track provides an opportunity for computer science majors to take honors courses and to graduate as honors scholars.”

Qualifying MCC students

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Mark Zuckerberg admits Facebook uses secret tool to track users across internet

Mark Zuckerberg wearing a suit and tie standing in front of a curtain

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has reportedly admitted that a tool is used to keep track of user behaviour online during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday. Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley confronted Zuckerberg where he questioned him about two internal tools, brought to his attention by a Facebook whistleblower. The tools called Tasks and Centra are used to coordinate censorship with Twitter and Google and monitor Facebook user activity across the internet, respectively.

After the questioning of the hearing titled, Breaking the News: Censorship, Suppression, and the 2020 Election on Facebook and Twitter’s content moderation practices, Hawley on Twitter wrote, “Zuckerberg admits @Facebook DOES have ‘tools’ to track its users across the internet, across platforms, across accounts – all without user knowledge. I ask how many times this tool has been used domestically against Americans. Zuck won’t say.” He then attached a screenshot of the internal tool.

Zuckerberg, however,

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Bike computer company launches new smart watch to track triathlons

Wahoo, the company best known for its bike computers and smart trainers, has finally launched its own watch.

a hand holding a knife

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The new Wahoo Element Rival puts it squarely up against competitors including Garmin, though it is specifically focused on tracking triathlon and races in particular.

It does so using what Wahoo calls its “touchless transition” technology which enables the watch to automatically detect when an athlete has moved between swimming, cycling and running and track them accordingly.

It costs £349.99, putting it at the upper end of many activity trackers but roughly in line with other watches that offer similar triathlon features. It is available now.

That – as well as tracking triathlons more generally – was the “pain point” from which the idea to launch a watch emerged, Wahoo’s chief executive Chip Hawkins told The Independent.

In practise, it means that once the watch is paired

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Google Cloud’s New Serverless Database Migration Service ‘A Fast Track To The Cloud’

Google Cloud is debuting its new serverless Database Migration Service (DMS) that will support migrations of MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server databases to Cloud SQL — its fully managed relational database service and one of its fastest-growing offerings – with minimal downtime.

Andi Gutmans, general manager and vice president of engineering for databases at Google Cloud, describes DMS as the “simple, easy, fast track to the cloud.”

“You can think about the Database Migration Service as being a super simple serverless way — meaning customers don‘t have to manage any servers — to basically replicate databases from their on-premises environments into Cloud SQL,” Gutmans told CRN. “They can also use it to replicate from other clouds or from self-managed databases on the Google Cloud.”

Google Cloud’s DMS has an edge over other commonly used solutions that move production databases to the cloud and often are more costly and error-prone, according

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