3 Practical Tips for Great UX/UI in Medical Device Design

If user interfaces on a consumer electronic are unclear, it results in frustration and wasted time. In medical device design, if user interfaces are unclear, results could be far more serious. During Virtual Engineering Week, experts from Kablooe Design, a Coon Rapids, MN-based firm, shared key considerations for designing a medical device user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).

Understand what your users need to be successful with the interfaces

“Think about the big picture — what is the team of individuals trying to do? What is the overall process that they’re going through? — And then those little needs within the larger needs come into play,” said Brian Mullins, director of design and development at Kablooe Design. “That’s really where those kernels of discovery can become so important.”

Mullins defined design research as all activities involved in

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5 Tips to Connect With Customers Off the Web

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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

In this digital age, it’s no surprise that the marketing efforts of many businesses are focused online. But whatever happened to offline marketing? Does it even still exist? Indeed it does. Proven offline marketing tactics still exist — and should be part of your marketing toolbox. Go outside the realm of digital marketing tactics with these five tips for promoting your business offline. 

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1. Dole out business cards 

Business cards can help you lure in prospects and network with other businesses and individuals. Not only are business cards pretty cheap to make, but they’re also super-easy to give out. Meet a potential investor? Hand them a business card. Potential customers? Give them a business card. 

If you already have business cards printed and ready

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10 Tips and Tricks for Your Brand New PS5

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Photo: Sam Rutherford/Gizmodo

Congratulations on getting yourself a brand-new PlayStation 5! After making all of your friends incredibly jealous, it’s time to dive into everything this next-gen console has to offer. Here are 10 tips and tricks for making the most of your PS5.

1. Avoid screenshot spoilers

The PS5 can hide screenshots sent your way if they show gameplay from beyond the point you’ve reached, or include something flagged by the developer as a potential spoiler. To make sure you’re protected, open Settings from the cog icon in the top right corner of the interface, then choose Saved Data and Game/App Settings, then Spoiler Warnings.

2. Save the DualSense battery

By default, the new DualSense controllers that accompany the PS5 are set to never turn themselves off. If you open up Settings from the cog icon in the top right corner of the main

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Enterprise tips for managing the multicloud (free PDF)

More companies than ever are using multiple cloud providers to deploy their applications. 

A recent TechRepublic Premium poll shows that 81% of respondents use or plan to use services from multiple cloud vendors in the next 12 months. In F5’s 2020 State of Application Services Report, nearly a third of respondents reported that more half of their applications will be in the cloud by the end of 2020.

While taking a multicloud approach offers plenty of advantages, if organizations lack a management strategy those perceived advantages could evolve into challenging obstacles.

In this special report, TechRepublic and ZDNet journalists investigate how multiple cloud providers can be managed to an organisation’s best advantage. 

You can download all the articles as a free PDF ebook (free registration required)  

Here’s a look at what’s in this free PDF ebook. 

Special Feature

Special Report: Managing the Multicloud (free PDF)

More companies than ever are

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Top tips ahead of National Computer Security Day

The findings come ahead of National Computer Security Day, which is held each November 30 in the U.S. (the event has been running since 1988). In time for this event, the 2020 Unisys Security Index finds that 1 in 3 (31 percent) of U.S. citizens are concerned about their data security. Furthermore, almost two-thirds (63 percent) of those living in the U.S. are seriously concerned that their identity could be stolen and/or misused.

The survey also identified that upwards of 70 percent of those in the U.S. would agree that the growing amount of data, applications and devices means that it is opportune to create a new, more secure and controlled internet.

Ahead of the event, the Chief Information Security Officer at Unisys, Mat Newfield, has provided Digital Journal readers with some advice for keeping cyber-safe while using our computers.


Newfield advises people to:

Check their passwords.

To change

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7 Tips for Thriving and Surviving in This Age of Uncertainty

With all the uncertainty in the world today, its hard for any business owner or entrepreneur to stay positive. Based on my experience and a business advisor and mentor, this is the ideal time to get back to the basics of business leadership and innovation.

There is no magic formula, but I’m certain one of the keys is to build and maintain a positive team culture, despite all the unknowns.

For example, I’ve always been impressed with how improvisational comedy never loses its positive impact, no matter how controversial the subject matter. It draws on the current social culture and harsh realities to make everyone approach a negative subject with a fresh look and innovative approaches.

Here are some ways that same outlook can be applied to your business:

1. Try new things, and keep the focus on learning.

Make sure everyone on your team sees every new business experiment

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The Weekly Authority: Black Friday tips, tricks, what we use, and more

Google Pixel 4a Barely blue all angles press image

Welcome to The Weekly Authority, I’m Tristan Rayner (@tristanrayner on Twitter), with your wrap of the top Android and tech news from the week, plus one deeper dive each week into what’s happening and what matters.

Let’s get started with the news, keep scrolling for the Black Friday guide.

Popular News

  • New M1 Macs achieve some pretty big goals for Apple: borderline unbelievable performance from even low power chips, crushing the competition from Intel and AMD, and setting itself up to dominate other laptops in the performance and battery life stakes. A great spark for Arm-based processors on desktop may be the chance for the likes of Qualcomm and Google (rumored to be working on its own chips) to step up for mobility (November 18, 2020).
  • Huawei split off Honor and sold it to a large Chinese consortium. Only limited details have emerged as to what that all
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8 PS5 UI tips and tricks to get the most out of your new PlayStation

The PS5 is finally here and while games are undoubtedly the most important part of any console launch, the PS5’s new user interface is a treasure trove of pretty cool new options. We had an in-depth look at the options and found a few tips and tricks to help supercharge your PlayStation experience. 

Some are handled seamlessly during set-up but others are buried in a mountain of settings and options. We thought it was worth breaking down.

Here’s what we think is worth doing when you first turn on your PS5, to help tailor your PS5 experience to your own specific preferences.

1. Check out your privacy settings

During the initial PS5 set-up you’ll be asked to select from a series of four different privacy settings with

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Is Your Computer Screen Stealing Your Breath? 6 Tips To Avoid Risks Of Screen Apnea

Most Americans spend an average of ten hours a day in a car, at a desk or in front of a screen. The other sad truth is that your body wasn’t designed to sit for long periods of time, and doing so can lower your life expectancy and put you at an 80% greater risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. You’ve heard it until you might be sick of it, but the fact is that moving and stretching are powerful medicines against stress. But as many as 40% of Americans—who prefer sitting on their duff —follow the advice of the late comedian Joan Rivers, who said, “I don’t exercise. If God had wanted me to bend over, He would’ve put diamonds on the floor.”

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6 Tips for In-Person Networking During the Covid-19 Era

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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

This article was written by Elizabeth Harris, a member of the Entrepreneur NEXT powered by Assemble content team. Entrepreneur NEXT powered by Assemble is freelance matching platform leading the future of work. If you’re struggling to find, vet, and hire the right freelancers for your business, Entrepreneur NEXT will help you hire the freelancers you need, exactly when you need them. From business to marketing, sales, design, finance, and technology, we have the top 3 percent of freelance experts ready to work for you. 

Between video calls, masks, and conversations six-feet apart, the way we interact with each other has changed this year. In a matter of months, millions of people have moved to doing business online, and with the cancellation of face-to-face meetings, events and conferences, the way we network has changed too. 

Restrictions and

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