Five Steps to Improving Mainframe Agility with DevOps

The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated the digital transformation at most organizations. Americans have become more reliant on online platforms while sheltering in place for everything from groceries, to streaming entertainment to banking and other financial transactions.  

Much of this shift online is likely to be permanent, with finances providing the most critical case in point. According to Fidelity National Information Services, April saw a 200 percent jump in new mobile banking registrations, with mobile banking traffic rising 85 percent–due in part to many bank branches being closed. A survey by fintech company Novantas found only 40 percent of respondents expect to return to their branches post-COVID.

The transaction-processing mainframe is the mission-critical heartbeat powering all these applications. It has played an irreplaceable role in allowing the worldwide economy to keep going in these unprecedented times. Mainframe workloads were escalating even before COVID-19 hit. 

A Vanson Bourne survey from late last

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Microsoft: These are the new privacy steps we’re taking to protect your data

Microsoft says it is the first company in the world to respond to recommendations by Europe’s privacy watchdogs following a decision by Europe’s top court over data being shipped to the US. 

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in July struck down the EU-US Data Privacy Shield, throwing into question how companies – in particular US tech giants, but also thousands of European businesses – would send data across to the US without contravening Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Julie Brill, Microsoft’s chief privacy officer, boasts that the maker of Windows 10, Office, and Azure is the first entity in the world to meet recommendations outlined by Europe’s data-protection heads last week. 

“Today, we’re announcing new protections for our public sector and enterprise customers who need to move their data from the European Union, including a contractual commitment to challenge government requests for data and a

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London steps up charm offensive for $4 billion Deliveroo listing: sources

LONDON (Reuters) – The London Stock Exchange and British government and banking officials have launched a charm offensive to persuade British online food delivery business Deliveroo to list in London early next year, three sources familiar with the matter told Reuters.

Deliveroo has appointed Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan to manage an initial public offering (IPO) of between 35-40% of the business in the first half of 2021, the sources said. London and New York are the main options for the deal.

The London-based firm could be valued at more than 3 billion pounds ($3.99 billion), the sources added, after a boost from the COVID-19 pandemic when many restaurants turned to Deliveroo for home delivery services.

Deliveroo and JPMorgan declined to comment. The LSE and Goldman did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Historically, European tech companies such as Spotify have chosen a New York listing to access the world’s

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5 Steps to Creating Learner-Centered Content on Social Media

Think about learning. We all experience learning differently. Most of us took part in one or other forms of formal education — took a course, went to university or even attended a workshop. More often than not, we associate learning experiences with these formal settings. However, that’s not always the case; learning occurs throughout one’s life and well beyond the classroom.

a person sitting at a table using a laptop computer

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In a world where social media is becoming part of our lives, it’s more relevant than ever to explore its potential as a learning and teaching tool. Research shows that social media and mobile devices can support learning and create a positive impact on both educators and learners.


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What does this mean for entrepreneurs? 

As an entrepreneur, educating your audience is key to establishing your credibility. There’s often the misconception that you need to be famous or have many followers to be

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5 Must-Do Steps To Win After The Pandemic

Last week, news broke that a Covid-19 vaccine co-developed by Pfizer was more than 90 percent effective — way higher than the 50% to 60% that scientists consider acceptable.

Many unanswered questions remain — will the vaccine work on people who are most likely to be hospitalized? Can it be stored at 70 degrees below zero Celsius until patients are injected? Can enough doses be manufactured and injected to control the pandemic?

Assuming these and other key problems are solved in 2021, in 2022 things may return closer to the pre-pandemic normal. No one knows what will return to the way it was before and which pandemic-induced changes will survive the end of the pandemic.

Business leaders should prepare now for this partial snapback. Here are five steps you should take.

1. Listen to how your customers’ top priorities will change post-pandemic.

Changes in your customers’ top priorities after the

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6 Steps to Selling on Social Media Messaging Platforms

Have you ever heard of conversion conversations? This sales technique involves getting to know your prospect through an online messaging platform, creating a conversation, then shifting to a sale once they are qualified. The best part? It’s entirely free if you do the legwork.

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When choosing which social media platform to use for your messaging, keep in mind that Facebook is still the largest social media platform, used by 2.6 billion users, according to Statista. Pew Research found that 75 percent of high earners use Facebook. Instagram is more visual, so if you’re selling products or services that look good in photos, or if you’re targeting younger generations, go for Instagram. According to Statista, 32 percent of users are between 18 and 24, and 33 percent are between 25 and 34.


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Five steps to find your mentor in an age of virtual networking

Those who have never worked with a mentor before often don’t even know where to start, and that challenge becomes even more daunting in the middle of a pandemic.

Mentorship can be a career game changer; in fact, most professionals can trace their success back to a single connection or introduction that made a huge difference in the trajectory of their career. Someone who believed in them or simply offered the right advice at the right time. Today, making those connections or requesting those introductions is especially challenging without the usual access to resources such as career centres and guidance counsellors.

Fortunately there are plenty of online resources that can help students and young professionals connect virtually with experts and find guidance. Finding a mentor starts with cultivating a strong professional network. I sat down with Mark Beckles, who leads youth strategy and innovation at Royal Bank of Canada, who

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Parler downloads spike as Twitter steps up content moderation

The Twitter logo appears next to ballot boxes labeled

© Provided by Quartz
The Twitter logo appears next to ballot boxes labeled

Twitter can’t catch a break. After the 2016 US presidential election, the company was pilloried for allowing viral disinformation campaigns to sow confusion on its platform. Four years later, Twitter and other social media companies cracked down on disinformation—this time coming not only from foreign adversaries but from US president Donald Trump and his allies.

Some Americans have rewarded the effort by flocking to Parler, an alternate social media platform philosophically opposed to moderating disinformation. The app has been downloaded more than 3.6 million times in the US since the Nov. 3 elections, according to data from mobile app analytics firm SensorTower. It climbed to the number one spot among free apps in Apple and Google’s app stores, beating out rivals including TikTok and Zoom.

Parler’s popularity could be considered a repudiation of social media companies’ attempts

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Six Proven Steps For Small Businesses To Stand Out On Social Media

By: Kris Bryant

Social media can be game-changing for small businesses. It’s what will allow you to engage with your potential customers instantly, reduce marketing costs, drive floods of traffic to your website, and develop your brand.

However, the journey to achieving success on the various social platforms can feel a bit overwhelming. Since social media platforms are free to use, the competition is fierce. It leaves small business owners worldwide wondering how to get potential customers to choose them over their competitors.

The answer to this involves simple steps worth implementing in your marketing initiatives. Here are six proven steps for small businesses to stand out on social media.

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1) Be authentic.

Authenticity is magnetic…really. The more authentic you are as a business owner, the more

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Surbana Jurong steps up sustainability focus; environmental design consultancy firm joins group

SINGAPORE: Surbana Jurong Group is increasing its focus on sustainability, tapping on an award-winning environmental design consultancy firm to deepen its expertise in this field and develop climate change solutions for a sustainable future.

The group, which specialises in infrastructure and urban development, is adding Atelier Ten – a company with a focus in sustainable and innovative design solutions –  into its fold, it said in a news release on Thursday (Nov 12).

Atelier Ten will “deepen Surbana Jurong Group’s expertise in sustainable solutions, dedicated to helping clients who want to create a sustainable future”, it added.

The announcement “demonstrates Surbana Jurong’s commitment to help clients design high-performance, sustainable buildings and smart infrastructures that conserve energy and resources”, said Surbana Jurong Group CEO Wong Heang Fine.

The London-headquartered firm has 300 employees across 11 offices worldwide, including in the US, UK, Australia and Singapore. It has previously worked

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