The VC investors who stand to benefit most when Salesforce buys Slack

  • After Slack went public last year, a few of the VCs who funded it when it was a private startup held onto a chunk of their shares.
  • And they will be rewarded handsomely now that Salesforce has agreed to pay a premium and buy Slack for $27.7 billion.
  • The investors who stand to benefit include Chamath Palihapitiya and Accel’s Andrew Braccia.
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Salesforce chief Marc Benioff has called his company and Slack “a match made in heaven.”

And if Salesforce’s purchase of the popular work-chat app for $27.7 billion passes regulatory muster, their union should make some major Slack investors very happy and über rich.

Many of them are the kinds of institutional investors that often own large chunks of newly public tech companies, such as T.Row Price, Vanguard, and BlackRock. 

But a number of them are VCs who first bought in when Slack

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Three surprising features make this stunning but cheap Dell workstation computer stand out

Cheapest workstation deal

Dell Precision 3630 tower workstation: $679 $401.90 at Dell Direct (Save $277.10) – Although it doesn’t look like it, this is a stunning price for a workstation PC that comes with Windows 10 Pro as well as a long 3-year onsite warranty, great for peace of mind for those that want a bargain AND a quality PC build to last, not something you usually get off the shelf. View Deal

Hidden in the depths of Dell’s website is the Dell Precision 3630, a tower workstation that’s not in Dell’s Black Friday deals but we chose to highlight it because it is the cheapest workstation the company right now – cheaper than anything Lenovo or HP has to offer at the time of writing.

What makes this deal special, apart from its price ($401.90), it comes with Windows 10 Pro (which typically costs $91.74, as

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Six Proven Steps For Small Businesses To Stand Out On Social Media

By: Kris Bryant

Social media can be game-changing for small businesses. It’s what will allow you to engage with your potential customers instantly, reduce marketing costs, drive floods of traffic to your website, and develop your brand.

However, the journey to achieving success on the various social platforms can feel a bit overwhelming. Since social media platforms are free to use, the competition is fierce. It leaves small business owners worldwide wondering how to get potential customers to choose them over their competitors.

The answer to this involves simple steps worth implementing in your marketing initiatives. Here are six proven steps for small businesses to stand out on social media.

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1) Be authentic.

Authenticity is magnetic…really. The more authentic you are as a business owner, the more

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