Kazakh Fintech Star Kaspi A Pandemic Bright Spot

With most staff working from home, the headquarters of Kazakhstan’s fintech hero Kaspi.kz exudes a sleepiness ill-fitting for a company whose rapid rise has been accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic.

Kaspi, Kazakhstan’s payment systems and e-commerce leader, became the Central Asian country’s most valuable firm after it was valued at $6.5 billion on the London stock exchange in October in what was the United Kingdom’s second largest float of this year.

The listing took commentators by surprise, coming after a failed attempt — falling short of a $4 billon market cap valuation — the year before.

But Kaspi’s Georgia-born CEO Mikheil Lomtadze, told AFP that the company and its investors, including Goldman Sachs and CIS-focused Baring Vostok — were not fazed by the false start.

“We believe that we have a lot of space for further growth, and we were not in any hurry to do our IPO,” said Lomtadze

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What is a computer virus? Here’s how to spot signs of viruses and avoid them

an open laptop computer sitting on top of each other: There are several ways your computer can become infected with a virus. Andrew Brookes/Getty Images

© Andrew Brookes/Getty Images
There are several ways your computer can become infected with a virus. Andrew Brookes/Getty Images

  • A computer virus is a type of malware that can replicate itself on your computer and spread to other devices.
  • You might be infected with a virus if your computer suddenly starts running more slowly, crashes a lot, or does things like running unusual programs without your permission. 
  • Here’s everything you need to know about viruses, including the major types, signs you’re infected, and how to avoid them.
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Now that personal computers have been a part of everyday life for about 30 years, computer viruses aren’t as mysterious as they once were. Simply put, a virus is a kind of malware that has the ability to replicate itself. Once activated, it can install itself on a computer, infecting the PC and enabling

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Bitcoin Price Surges Past $16,000, Breaks 2020 Record For Spot Volumes


  • Bitcoin breaks past $16,000 on the back of increased spot volume
  • Institutional investors are trading more Bitcoin as per data on CME
  • Analysts expect further upside for Bitcoin in the coming months

Bitcoin breached past $16,000 and surged to around $16,300 on the back of historic volumes on spot cryptocurrency exchanges. Analysts are expecting more room for the benchmark cryptocurrency’s price to increase.

Bitcoin closed Thursday at $16,310, its new 2020 high, and its highest in nearly three years. At this price point, Bitcoin is up 24% this month and 128% since the beginning of the year. 

The strong rally to $16,200 is attributed to a surge in volumes on spot cryptocurrency exchanges. At this volume, it has beaten all previous records, similar to what the volume experienced during the March 2020 crash and the ascent to $10,000 last August. 

Other indicators showed extreme bullishness since according to

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Misinformation about election fraud has flooded the internet. Here’s how to spot false reports


Election security experts warned for months that misinformation would ramp up after election day to cast doubt on the vote with falsehoods.

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This story is part of Elections 2020, CNET’s coverage of the voting in November and its aftermath.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has beaten President Donald Trump in a contest punctuated with wild rumors, false reports and premature declarations of victory. The end of the election, however, hasn’t meant an end to the misinformation.

Social media posts from the sitting president that falsely claim the election was stolen from him have swept through the internet, and Trump has continued to tweet and retweet items that contain disputed information, which Twitter has labeled. Additionally, baseless claims of election fraud from a variety of sources have also swept Twitter, as well as YouTube and Facebook. 

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