‘Social media has not been fair,’ Trump and Biden supporters grade Facebook and Twitter

The polls were congested on Election Day, but the crowds were teeming somewhere else – on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Everything you need to know about President Trump’s ‘voter fraud’ election speech



Americans turned to social media to hunt for news, offer opinions and, well, in some cases insult their presidential candidate of choice.

In anticipation of the big day, the social media platforms pledged to crack down on false claims of victory and other falsehoods.

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Six voters who talked to USA TODAY kept tabs on it all. Then they graded social media on its Election Day performance. This is their report card.

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Social media platform news

Gerald Wickline, retired, Facebook D-

Gerald Wickline, 78, a retired Republican in Wimauma, Florida, wasn’t always a Trump supporter. He

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Parler, MeWe, Gab gain momentum: Social media alternatives flourish


Conservative-friendly social media platforms are on the rise, as traditional ones likes Twitter and Facebook crack down on misleading or false posts.


America’s crisis of political segregation – we increasingly don’t live alongside, associate with or even marry people who think differently from us – is increasingly leading conservatives to congregate together on social media outlets designed specifically for people who think like them.

The recent rise of Parler – as well as other social media alternatives that appeal primarily to conservatives and that got their start largely by attracting the far right – raises the specter of further political polarization through digital means. Parler and others, like MeWe and Gab, are gaining momentum with a promise not to censor their users for behavior that might violate the policies of their rivals.

Parler said in its Nov. 7 “community guidelines” that it won’t decide what content will

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New Socialbakers Report Finds Increased Social Media Spend Globally Despite COVID-19

COLUMBUS, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Astute, Inc. (“Astute”), a leading customer engagement and Voice of the Customer (“VoC”) platform, today announced the findings of its Socialbakers Social Media Trends for Q3 2020 report. The report revealed that Q3 social media ad spend rose sharply to pre-pandemic levels.

“Consumers have shifted their attention even more to digital channels this year as a result of the pandemic,” said Alex George, President and Chief Technology Officer, Astute. “This report shows that brands have adjusted to newer shopping patterns through investment in social media advertising.”

This year’s third quarter experienced a 56% increase in global social media ad spend, which was nearly double what it was at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Spending in North America increased by 61.7%, central Europe by 55.6% and western Europe by 50.4%. Broken down by industry, spend for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) food organizations increased by 61.3%,

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Dr. Ebony Butler, Licensed Psychologist, And Food Relationship Strategist Gets Real About The Dangers Of Diet Culture And Social Media For Black Women

Medical experts, nutritionists, and others have joined in a chorus rallying against diet culture. Yet, the fixation on diet and body image remains as pervasive and toxic as ever – now with social media adding fuel to the fire. Studies show that accessibility to cosmetic surgery and eating disorders have also aided in the troubling compulsion that America has with weight and the female body. Because the Black female body has been commodified and dehumanized throughout U.S. history, Black women are more venerable when internalizing negative and damaging messages about body image and diet culture.

The dangers of diet culture 

According to Dr. Ebony Butler, a licensed psychologist, and food relationship strategist — diet culture is an ideal standard of beauty in America that associates beauty with thinness. Dr. Ebony added that diet

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Using the president’s tweets to understand political diversion in the age of social media

Targeted analysis

The targeted analysis focused on the association between media coverage of the Mueller investigation and President Trump’s use of Twitter to divert attention from that coverage. The analysis also asked whether that diversion, if it is triggered, might in turn suppress media coverage of the Mueller investigation.

We assumed that the president’s tweets would divert attention from Mueller to his preferred topics. We considered the three keywords “China,” “jobs,” and “immigration” as markers of those topics and explored all combinations of those words being used in Trump’s tweets. Our choice of keywords was based on the following considerations. First, at the time of analysis, which predates the COVID-19 crisis, the US unemployment rate was at its lowest in at least a decade (3.8% in 2019, monthly rates provided by the Bureau of Labour Statistics averaged through June; https://www.bls.gov/webapps/legacy/cpsatab1.htm), and President Trump is routinely claiming credit for job creation

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Nigeria Mulls Social Media Rules as #EndSARS Protests Go Online


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Social Media Rips Into Notre Dame After Storming Field Despite COVID-19 Regulations

The limited fans in attendance threw caution to the wind once the game clock hit zero in South Bend, Indiana and their team completed an incredible feat.

Notre Dame pulled off a major upset when it knocked off the No. 1 team in the country, the Clemson Tigers. Keeping with customs, fans stormed the field to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime moment. Normally, this would be just college kids carrying on a sports tradition. However, America is in the middle of a deadly pandemic and that moment was everything but social distancing. 

The NCAA has undergone a series of changes in hopes to have teams participate in the football season. This has resulted in limited out of conference play and schools refusing to

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How Social Media Is Critical To Succeeding In Real Estate In 2021

Industries that rely heavily on in-person, face-to-face contact have had to adapt quickly in order to stay relevant this year. 

One of those industries is real estate. Instead of hosting open houses and scheduling multiple showings in an afternoon, agents are now doing much more work behind the screen—whether that’s streaming video walk-throughs for multiple clients at a time or working with other videographers to develop 3D tours. 

While real estate already relied heavily on online platforms like Zillow and social media sites, the importance of these platforms has increased exponentially with everyone staying home. 

I recently spoke with one luxury agent, Philip Scheinfeld of New York’s Compass, about what he and his colleagues are seeing in terms of how social media is shaping the industry. Scheinfeld is one of the city’s most successful

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Chinese social media users celebrate Biden win

While China’s top officials remained conspicuously silent on Joe Biden’s presidential victory over Donald Trump, Chinese residents celebrated and held out cautious optimism for improved US-China ties.

a close up of a newspaper: Photograph: Thomas Peter/Reuters

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Photograph: Thomas Peter/Reuters

On Monday, Biden’s speech after being declared the projected winner was among the most viewed topics on social media, with the hashtag “Biden national address” viewed more than one billion times on Weibo.

“This is how a president should behave,” one user said. “I watched his speech all the way through and it was perfect,” another said. “It was very wise of him to emphasise cooperation to avoid possible riots by [Trump’s] refusal to concede the election,” another said. Others agreed with Biden’s pledge to make defeating the Covid-19 virus his top priority, with a transitional task force to be announced on Monday. In Beijing, patrons waited in line to eat at a noodle shop

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Free Social Networking Platform AgFuse Releases New Tools and Upgrades for Agricultural Professionals

BLENHEIM, S.C., Nov. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Created as a free platform exclusively for farmers and other agricultural professionals, AgFuse has introduced major new features including AgAnswers and The Leaderboard to help community members share information and build solid networks.     

AgAnswers is a new question-and-answer feature designed to give members the customized advice they need. Members can post their individual questions on the platform and can control who sees this content: everyone, followers only, or members of a specific group. Members can even ask questions anonymously and can also send requests to specific experts for their answers. Within AgAnswers, community members can upvote or downvote answers to help the best feedback rise to the top.  

The Leaderboard is a scoring system to highlight active community members and their valuable contributions. Scores are determined by a combination of quality posts, articles, and comments published on AgFuse. In addition to having

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