EU auditors: Antitrust probes too slow to curb tech giants

A report says that the EU’s efforts to rein in the power of big tech companies such as Google and Facebook through antitrust investigations have taken too long, dulling their effectiveness

Legal tools available to the bloc’s competition regulators, meanwhile, have not kept pace with digital markets, allowing Silicon Valley giants to eliminate rivals, said the report by the European Court of Auditors, which examined the EU’s enforcement of competition rules over the past decade.

European Union authorities have been at the forefront of global efforts to bring the tech giants to heel but they’ve been criticized for lengthy investigations that have resulted in

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Salesforce’s push to improve equality has yielded slow results so far

  • Salesforce is known as a leader on social change, exemplified by hiring Tony Prophet as its first ever chief equality office in 2016.
  • There’s no clear roadmap for businesses to follow when changing diversity and progress is often slow, but in four years, Salesforce’s diversity numbers have barely budged. 
  • Business Insider spoke to 18 current and former Salesforce employees, diversity and inclusion experts, as well as Prophet himself to learn how Salesforce’s Office of Equality operates and why its hasn’t seen faster results. 
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When employees arrive at Salesforce’s imposing 61-story tower in San Francisco’s South of Market district, it’s not uncommon to be greeted by Tony Prophet. The 58-year old executive, impeccably-dressed, regularly works the lobby like

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From Painfully Slow to Lightning Fast: SpaceX’s Starlink Makes Rural Internet Usable

(Credit: Nickolas Friedrich)

Nickolas Friedrich lives in central Montana, where his local broadband connectivity hasn’t been good.

Every month, he pays about $120 for a measly 0.8Mbps download speed from the only DSL provider in town. And his connection can freeze up when too many neighbors are on the service at once. 

As a result, streaming videos isn’t really possible. Instead, it can take an hour to download a low-quality 240p video from YouTube. The situation is so bad that Friedrich used to go to the local library to download internet videos to his laptop so he could watch them later. 

But recently, he’s been able to enjoy Netflix and YouTube at home, where the internet speeds can now shoot up as high as 170Mbps. The reason? Starlink, the next-generation satellite internet service from Elon Musk’s SpaceX, which Friedrich has been helping test out.  

“It has been a lot faster

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