How SpaceX Starlink broadband will envelop Earth and transform the sky

When the call connects and I ask Angel Chavarin if I’m speaking to AWN-hell or AIN-gel, there’s a familiar pause. I can hear the faint echo of my own words finally reach the cellphone’s speaker on the other end of the line a few seconds later, and then a voice responds: 

A scene from the fallout of the Holiday Farm Fire in Oregon.

© Angel Chavarin

A scene from the fallout of the Holiday Farm Fire in Oregon.

“Yep, it sure is. AIN-gel works. No one around here calls me AWN-hell except my dad.”

It’s a delay I recognize from using satellite phone connections while on assignment on the Alaskan tundra and other remote areas. The signal carrying my words must travel over 22,000 miles (35,000 kilometers) to a satellite in geostationary orbit and then another 22,000 miles back to Earth to reach the person on the other end of the call. 

a close up of a side view mirror: Robert Rodriguez/CNET

© Provided by CNET
Robert Rodriguez/CNET

But Chavarin isn’t speaking

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Sky Q To Get 40+ HDR Films By Christmas

After a couple of relatively quiet years, British satellite broadcaster Sky is continuing its recent resurgence in 2020 by adding more than 40 films to its burgeoning portfolio of high dynamic range (HDR) titles – all set to arrive in time for Christmas. 

Sky can’t yet reveal the full list of HDR movies it’s going to be making available through its Sky Cinema service, but it is confirmed that the Back To The Future Trilogy, Dolittle, Le Mans 66, and all 8 Harry Potter films will be available in HDR from December 9. New Premieres including Emma, Little Women and Bad Boys For Life will also be landing in HDR when they join Sky Cinema – and Sky Original film The Secret Garden is actually available in HDR now.

It’s nice to see that Sky is prioritising getting HDR movies on Sky Cinema, within a suitable subscription,

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