Facebook to start policing antiBlack hate speech more aggressively than antiwhite comments, documents show

As one way to assess severity, Facebook assigned different types of attacks numerical scores weighted based on their perceived harm. For example, the company’s systems would now place a higher priority on automatically removing statements such as “Gay people are disgusting” than “Men are pigs.”

Facebook has long banned hate speech — defined as violent or dehumanizing speech— based on race, gender, sexuality, and other protected characteristics. It owns Instagram and has the same hate speech policies there. But before the overhaul, the company’s algorithms and policies did not make a distinction between groups that were more likely to be targets of hate speech versus those that have not been historically marginalized. Comments like “White people are stupid” were treated the same as anti-Semitic or racist slurs.

In the first phase of the project, which was announced internally to a small group in October, engineers said they had changed the

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Gasoline Car Bans Show Why Market Forces Aren’t Always Enough

(Bloomberg) —


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It’s been a strange year, so you’d be forgiven for missing an odd thing that happened in the U.K. last month. When Prime Minister Boris Johnson, leader of the Conservative Party, banned sales of new internal combustion engine cars from 2030, the decision was supported by the likes of oil giant Royal Dutch Shell Plc and the Confederation of British Industry, a powerful business group. 

How did these champions of market-driven policies and fewer regulations become promoters of such a heavy-handed intervention?

Perhaps the ban is simply something any competent government, regardless of its political bent, should be doing. The U.K. has a legally mandated goal to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. That means quickly cutting emissions from all sectors, including transport. Last year, the government’s independent advisor, the Climate Change Committee, recommended the 2030 ban as a way of meeting the U.K.’s climate targets. Maybe

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Facebook to show ‘authoritative’ info on Covid-19 vaccines

Facebook co-founder, Chairman and CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies before the House Energy and Commerce Committee in the Rayburn House Office Building on Capitol Hill April 11, 2018 in Washington, DC.

Yasin Ozturk | Anadolu Agency | Getty Images

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Monday said the social media company plans to provide users with authoritative information about the Covid-19 vaccines that are in development.

Facebook has already reached out to the incoming Biden administration to help with the response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Zuckerberg said.

“There’ll be a few important things that we can do together,” he said. “We’re already planning a push around authoritative information about the vaccines.”

Zuckerberg did not provide any additional information about how the company plans to distribute this information to users. The company also did not add anything when reached for comment.

Although Zuckerberg in May said social media companies should not be the

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James Corden: The talk show host for the internet age – 60 Minutes

Some of you may know James Corden as the frisky, funny British host of “The Late Late Show” – one of Viacom/CBS’ own. But if you are not one to stay up past 12:30 a.m., then maybe you’re one of the hundreds of millions who have caught Corden on his YouTube channel. Taking a talk show stuck in an ‘after hours’ time-slot, and making it available online around the globe.

With charm and wit, Corden gets A-list stars to open up in a way that seems to surprise them as much as us. Amazing for someone who was virtually unknown in the U.S when he moved here six years ago.  But James Corden will tell you he had already put in his 10,000 hours – a deft physical actor, who, by his late 20s, had achieved success and fame in Britain.

James Corden

Corden says he’s on a lifelong quest

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Documents show DIA wants final Jacksonville Landing park design by August 2021 | Jax Daily Record | Jacksonville Daily Record

Draft documents from the Downtown Investment Authority show the city plans to spend up to $300,000 to solicit designs for a minimum 4.5-acre riverfront “park/plaza” at the former Jacksonville Landing site.

Obtained through a Nov. 18 public records request, the draft outlines the process to select three teams to provide 50% of the public park design by April 1, 2021.

The RFP is part of the city’s plan to redevelop the former Jacksonville Landing property after the city razed the two-story riverfront shopping mall in May.

The DIA would set an Aug. 31, 2021 deadline for the top-scoring team to submit a final design that includes an estimated construction budget, according to the documents.

During a Nov. 18 public meeting, DIA CEO Lori Boyer said the draft RFP was submitted to the city Procurement Division to be finalized.

It describes the public sentiment of the property as “the symbolic center

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Life-changing tech is on show at Dubai Design Week

Superworms that convert plastic into organic matter, an earring that monitors diabetes, and an alternative to Styrofoam made of durian fruit.

a close up of a car: "Robust Nest" is an incubator designed for sub-Saharan Africa.

© Global Grad Show
“Robust Nest” is an incubator designed for sub-Saharan Africa.

These are three of the 100 ideas being showcased in Global Grad Show, billed as the world’s most diverse gathering of graduate design projects that provide solutions to social and environmental issues.

This year, the ideas were selected from 1,600 submissions from 270 universities in 60 countries. Held in Dubai, the show is an interactive annual exhibition, which has gone virtual for its sixth year.

“The diversity of the community of young talented researchers we bring together at Global Grad Show has many facets,” says Tadeu Baldani Caravieri, director of Global Grad Show. “They do have, however, a reassuring common denominator: they investigate problems, social and environmental, that matter for everyone.”

Selected students will be invited

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Daze of Summer Fashion Show highlights networking, creativity

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — This weekend, experience a mixture of high-class fashion, elegance, and business networking at the 2nd Annual Daze of Summer Fashion Show.

Naval Academy alumni and veteran Aaron Davis put on his uniform for the last time this month. Now, he’s partnering with local organizations to provide much-needed support and business into the events and creative industries. 

“Creatives need a space and platform to show off their talents. This fashion show will give so many talented people an opportunity to express their art. It will also give some much-needed business to people in the event space,” said Davis.

The two-part event will consist of a networking vendor fair, where guests will have the opportunity to mingle with other business professionals and purchase goods from local entrepreneurs. That will be followed by a fashion show, where guests will be able to see the latest creations from six local

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WekaIO Wins Best of Show Award for Weka AI at Flash Memory Summit 2020

Honored for the Most Innovative AI Application, Weka AI accelerates DataOps and provides actionable intelligence and governance for Exascale datasets

Flash Memory Summit (FMS) – WekaIO™ (Weka), the innovation leader in high-performance and scalable NVMe-optimized file storage, today announced that Weka AI™ was honored with FMS’s 2020 Best of Show Award for Most Innovative AI (Artificial Intelligence) Application at today’s FMS virtual awards ceremony. FMS, the world’s largest and most prestigious storage industry conference and exposition focused on flash technology innovation, has recognized the impact of Weka AI to empower data-driven personas to derive actionable intelligence using popular MLOps platforms and complements their workflows by enabling Accelerated DataOps for massive datasets. By providing direct access to data for training and inferencing, Weka AI eliminates data staging at the compute layer and storage silos which results in shorter epoch and wall clock time.

According to show organizers, a record number of

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KIOXIA Wins Flash Memory Summit Best of Show for EDSFF E3.S Technology Development

Emerging SSD Form Factors Enable the Future of Enterprise Data Center Storage

KIOXIA America, Inc. (formerly Toshiba Memory America, Inc.) today announced that its Enterprise and Data Center SSD Form Factor (EDSFF) technology solution has received the Flash Memory Summit ‘Best in Show’ award in the Most Innovative Flash Memory Technology category. EDSFF E3.x form factors are the future of NVMe® SSDs in enterprise servers and storage systems – and KIOXIA’s E3.S full-function development vehicle is a breakthrough for the next era of data centers.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20201111005184/en/

KIOXIA’s E3.S full-function development vehicle is a breakthrough for the next era of data centers. (Photo: Business Wire)

As a major contributor in defining the specification (SFF-TA-1008), KIOXIA developed an E3.S full-function development vehicle used in an EDSFF storage chassis in conjunction with a leading server and storage OEM. Solutions utilizing EDSFF SSDs

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