E.U. Privacy Rule Would Rein In the Hunt for Online Child Sex Abuse

“The grooming of children for sexual purposes is always about a child on the verge of or in the midst of abuse,” said John Shehan, a vice president at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the U.S. federal clearinghouse that works with technology companies and law enforcement agencies around the world.

As of September, according to the clearinghouse, 1,020 reports of grooming had come from the European Union. Cases of grooming were reported in all 27 E.U. countries and contained many examples of “sextortion” — when an adult poses as a minor to solicit photos or videos, then uses the imagery as blackmail to further exploit the child.

Diego Naranjo, head of policy at European Digital Rights in Brussels, an advocacy group, said the subject was fraught because anyone who questioned the tech companies’s practices was cast as “somebody who doesn’t care about the children.”

Even so, he

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Fort Bragg’s horny tweets are earning this sex worker thousands of dollars a month

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on Business Insider.

“Holy s—, this is the largest U.S. military installation,” an OnlyFans adult-content creator said to herself on October 22, moments after one of her Twitter posts went viral.

The sex worker, who asked that we referred to her by her stage name, “Quinn Finite,” was in the car with her boyfriend when she started receiving hundreds of alerts after the official Twitter account for Fort Bragg, the home of the U.S. Army’s Airborne and Special Operations Command, had replied to her tweets with sexually-charged messages in public view.

The Army base’s Twitter account commented on her pubic hair and reacted to one of her nude images by suggesting that Finite and the Twitter account should engage in sexual acts.

As the minutes passed by, hundreds of Twitter users began noticing the sexually-charged tweets and replying back with jokes. The installation responded

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The ungentle joy of spider sex

Look carefully into the spider's two largest eyes and you can see internal structures similar to the ones that we've evolved.
Enlarge / Look carefully into the spider’s two largest eyes and you can see internal structures similar to the ones that we’ve evolved.

First, the confession: I’m an arachnophobe, spooked by the most harmless everyday spiders. Close encounters with the scarier sort—the goliath bird-eating spider in an undergraduate zoology class, the venomous redbacks sharing my tent on a research trip to Australia—well, let’s just say they taught me more about myself than about arachnids. And yet I’ve discovered a soft spot for one group of spiders: those undersized males faced with the daunting prospect of sex with a giant mate, often one with murder in mind. Think Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, only with spiders.

Why the sympathy? It’s not because these puny males risk their lives for love. It’s because they’ve evolved such a bizarre array of ways to achieve their ultimate goal of siring spiderlings with

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OnlyFans user ‘amused’ after article outs her as sex worker

A sex worker on the receiving end of sexually suggestive tweets posted to the U.S. Army’s Fort Bragg Twitter account in October says she’s breathing a sigh of relief now that family and friends are familiar with her work.

Quinn Finite, a content creator on OnlyFans, tweeted of the moment her mother found Business Insider’s story highlighting her newfound fame on the pay-per-view adult website.

OnlyFans user Quinn Finite says she’s OK after an article on sexual tweets from the U.S. Army outed her as a sex worker to family and friends. Screengrab from @quinnfinite10/Twitter.

“Honestly relieved that this article is doing the ‘coming out’ work for me,” she wrote Tuesday in a Twitter post. “Otherwise I’m just silently eating spaghetti on my couch in awe and amusement.”

In a follow-up tweet, Finite exclaimed that her “exes’ and friends’ families are finding me” after the article reported she was raking

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