Deloitte Fast 500: CEOs of Seattle’s fastest growing companies share their secrets of success

Innovation is more critical now than ever. It is not simply a matter of the latest technology or trend but rather about solving human problems, of which there’s no shortage these days. From income inequality to COVID-19 to social injustice, this is indeed a time of disruption, the perfect theater for innovative ideas and solutions to take center stage. 

Our region has a long history of innovation. The first backpack, online bookstore, kidney dialysis machines, vinyl records, and only one of two states to pass board diversity legislation: these are just a few innovations that the Pacific Northwest region has pioneered over many years. 

It is perhaps due to this rich tradition of combined technological innovation and social progress that makes the future of the Pacific Northwest even more promising. Emerging growth companies, a bright spot in our economy, are popping up by the dozens and remain a driving force

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Demon’s Souls Devs Tease Hidden Door Secrets And Something Else In Cryptic Tweet

Demon’s Souls on PS5 is a remake, but one new element that has been added has got a lot of people talking. The game now has a mysterious door that no one can figure out how to open. Now, as players inch closer to discovering the door’s secrets, Bluepoint Games has tweeted out a teaser–one that could have a cryptic second meaning.

The tweet in question, embedded below, is a postcard from within the room with “Wish You Were Here” embossed on it. But what’s really got people talking is the text alongside the image: “A symphony of rumors…”

This is a reference to another tweet, made a year ago, by the account. The tweet, embedded below, follows up “a symphony of rumors” with “not one, but two”.

A Demon’s Souls remake from Bluepoint Games was rumored for a long time before the game was unveiled as a PS5 launch

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