How spatial technology is revolutionising planning, construction and development

Every long-standing homeowner has had the experience of waiting for tradesmen to appear on time for a measure and quote.

Well, what if in the future, you could take a video with your phone and tradesmen could accurately design and cost a solution in 3D without stepping a foot onto your property?

Wait no more.

To go with DJI’s recent LiDAR carrying drone, the latest iPhone 12 now includes a depth-scanning LiDAR sensor. This puts into everyday hands the ability to capture an accurate and measurable 3D model of what stands before you.

You may have seen Apple’s keynote, but imagine you could capture the rooms in your home as simply as capturing a video. In full 3D.

Since the LiDAR-equipped iPads and iPhones have debuted, a handful of apps have emerged offering 3D scanning and augmented reality that can blend meshed-out maps of spaces with virtual objects

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