Intelligence review recommends new electronic surveillance Act for Australia

A review into Australia’s intelligence community has recommended comprehensive reform of electronic surveillance laws, one that would repeal existing powers and combine them to avoid duplication, contradictory definitions, and any further ad hoc amendments to the existing three Acts.

Electronic surveillance powers enable agencies to use electronic or technical means, which would otherwise be unlawful, to covertly listen to a person’s conversations, access a person’s electronic data, observe certain aspects of a person’s behaviour, and track a person’s movements. Currently, these powers are contained within the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act 1979 (TIA Act), the Surveillance Devices Act 2004 (SD Act), and the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Act 1979 (ASIO Act).

Parts of the Telecommunications Act 1997 and the Criminal Code Act 1995 are also directly relevant when considering these powers.

Each Act requires agencies to meet thresholds before accessing these powers and requires external authorities, such as judges, Administrative

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Melissa McCarthy in ‘Superintelligence’ Movie Review: Oh Come On, Computer

Superintelligence begins as a promising Melissa McCarthy vehicle. 40 minutes in it abandons its clever premise to become a standard romantic-comedy. As talented as McCarthy is, it’s hard to maintain interest in a stereotypical movie when there was a more clever comedy sitting right there. 

The first third of ‘Superintelligence’ is great

Carol Peters (McCarthy) is looking for a new job. She does some great slapstick with a beanbag chair at an interview. Then her household appliances start talking to her. Superintelligence has become sentient and uses the voice of James Corden because Carol is a fan. McCarthy beats her talking appliances in some more brilliant slapstick before she resigns herself to Superintelligence’s powers. 

Superintelligence: Melissa McCarthy
Melissa McCarthy | Hopper Stone/HBO Max

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Superintelligence and Carol mess with each other and it’s fun. It becomes especially impressive when you realize it’s all McCarthy

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Review: Le Jardinier in Miami’s Design District Is a Garden Wonder

It isn’t vegetarian or vegan, and it isn’t raw cooking.

It’s vegetable-forward.

At Rose’s Luxury in Washington, D.C., a carrot replaces brisket and is given the Jewish deli pastrami treatment. At Manfred’s in Copenhagen, Denmark, the vegetables from the Farm of Ideas — established by chef Christian F. Puglisi of the Michelin-starred Restaurant Relæ — are the focus, each one amplified with carnivorous touches such as cod cream, lardo, or flecks of duck confit.

Le Jardinier in Miami’s Design District takes a similar approach. The restaurant, which opened in the summer of 2019 and closed in March, reopened for dining on October 7. This is the southern outpost of Alain Verzeroli’s first solo restaurant, which made its debut in May 2019 in a luxury space in midtown Manhattan and has already earned a Michelin star.

For 21 years, Verzeroli worked alongside Joël Robuchon, helping the great French chef develop menus

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Google under review for possible British competition enquiry

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain’s competition regulator said on Monday it was assessing whether a complaint about Google related to digital advertising warranted a formal competition law investigation.

FILE PHOTO: The Google name is displayed outside the company’s office in London, Britain November 1, 2018. REUTERS/Toby Melville/File Photo

The complaint from Marketers for an Open Web (MOW), a coalition of technology and publishing companies, said it wanted the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to delay the launch of Google’s Privacy Sandbox technology.

MOW said the technology would remove features such as login and advertising from the open web and put them under Google’s control.

“We take the matters raised in the complaint very seriously, and will assess them carefully with a view to deciding whether to open a formal investigation under the Competition Act,” the CMA said.

“If the urgency of the concerns requires us to intervene swiftly, we will also

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Roli Lumi review: a portable keyboard that lights the way for first-time musicians

Piano lessons for me as a child meant sitting down every Tuesday at a shiny black Yamaha upright, looking up at shelves laden with tributes to my piano teacher’s twin obsessions: busts of classical greats like Beethoven and Chopin, and copies of the Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack, to which he contributed every year. I’d sit and play; he’d sit and criticize. And over the course of a torturous six-year education, my teacher, Mr Dyson, instilled in my grumpy teenage self a love of music I can never adequately thank him for. I did my grades, paid my dues, and I’ve played more or less ever since.

All this is perhaps why the Lumi keyboard — the slickest, most intriguing piece of musical hardware I’ve come across in recent years — appalls and impresses me in equal measure.

The $299 Lumi is the latest offering from music hardware startup Roli, known for

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2021 BMW R18 review: An American cruiser through a Bavarian lens

2021 BMW R18

You could spend all day picking out the throwback details here. They are many and the execution is sublime.

Tim Stevens/Roadshow

Do you know what Harley-Davidson’s largest market is outside of the United States? You’d be forgiven for guessing it’s China, since so many other American brands have found such great success there as of late. Or perhaps India, a place with somewhere near 40 million motorcycles on the road. Neither, however, is correct. 

The answer is Germany, a fact I provide not to ensure you’re well-prepped for the next trivia night at your local bierhaus, but because knowing that fact is key to understanding not only why the R18 exists, but indeed why it is the way it is. 

The BMW R18 is a long, low, slow and beautiful cruiser. At about

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Mealkite Greatly Improves Review Quality with Major Investment in the Latest Technology


How to choose perfect meal delivery service
How to choose perfect meal delivery service
How to choose perfect meal delivery service

La Crosee, WI , Nov. 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mealkite’s foodservice reviews have received a visible upgrade thanks to the couple’s hefty investment in the latest equipment. The meal review service has invested in new video equipment, audio equipment, lighting and has changed their overall presentation bringing it on par with more professional productions. The difference in video quality and review quality, in general, has been noticed by viewers, many of whom have commented saying that they enjoy the new videos. 

One of the ways that growing YouTube channels like Mealkite can compete with others is by improving production quality. According to experts, many people will decide to watch a video if it appears to be professionally filmed, cut and color graded. However, that’s only second to perhaps the content of the video. 


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Apple macOS 11 Big Sur review: a long time coming

Last week might’ve been the most important week of this year for consumer laptops. Apple announced its new M1 chip, which, if the company’s claims about performance gains are to be believed, could redefine our expectations for laptop processors. But there’s another release this week that will usher in a big change for Mac users: macOS Big Sur.

Like the M1 chip, Big Sur is a step in Apple’s efforts to cohere its user experience across devices. Many of its “new” features will be familiar to owners of iPhones and iPads; it’s playing catch-up to iOS. Big Sur — through a series of minor tweaks and refinements — absolutely achieves the goal of making macOS look and feel more similar to iOS than it ever has before. Whether all of those features are as useful on a computer as they are on an iPhone is another question.

Should you update?

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PS5 review: Exclusive games power Sony’s sky-high space-age console

Editor’s note: The PS5 is just hitting stores, and online services and features won’t be stress-tested until the console is widely available to the public. We consider this a review in progress, and will update it extensively over the next several weeks, adding a final review score when appropriate.

My PS4 almost made it. It was a launch-day PlayStation 4 from 2013, and it worked great right up until the last few months, like it knew it was about to get the Marie Kondo treatment and replaced by the new, much-advanced PS5. The seven-year-old system still played games fine, but the optical drive mechanism grew confused, giving off random beeps, as if it were trying to eject a ghost disc. 


  • Fantastic new controller
  • Streamlined UI puts games first
  • Great exclusive game lineup
  • Included Astro’s Playroom game is fantastic

Don’t Like

  • The bold design is borderline impractical for small spaces
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Marin supervisors allow Strawberry development review to begin

Environmental review for a proposed housing development in Strawberry will proceed following action by county supervisors on Tuesday.

The supervisors voted unanimously to deny an appeal by the Seminary Neighborhood Association. The association appealed the planning department’s decision to launch the review process by initiating the “notice of preparation comment period” for an environmental impact report on Sept. 25.

North Coast Land Holdings is seeking approval for a new master plan and amendments to the Strawberry Community Plan for an ambitious redevelopment project at the former Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary.

In addition to continuing to operate some kind of school, North Coast wants to build 337 new residences with 859 bedrooms. Fifty of the residences would be affordable.

The master plan includes a 267,354-square-foot residential care center that would contain 100 independent living apartments and 44 to 50 assisted living and memory care apartments. It also includes a 20,000-square-foot

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