Responding To The Future Of Work And Life

By Johnny Clemmons, Global Vice President Industry Business Unit Head of Engineering, Construction, and Operations 

At the beginning of the pandemic, the construction industry was forced to play catch up alongside every other industry, adjusting to work-from-home mandates and an immediate interest in larger living spaces.

But now the tides are changing, with the construction industry have been able to plan and digitize to meet shifting needs – this is especially critical because about 75% of the infrastructure that will exist in 2050 will be via net-new construction.  

The Construction Industry and COVID-19: From a Wrecking Ball to an Innovation Boon

With productivity levels nearly stagnant in the United States between 1947 and 2010, the construction industry was ripe for disruption. As technology advanced, new additions to the arsenal, such as modular building brought a much-needed jolt to the industry.

The pandemic has accelerated building trends like prefabrication. McKinsey estimates 

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