Public clouds hit a wall in innovation

As it opens this week, AWS re:Invent is not taking place in Vegas but is virtual and free. Virtual events are a silver lining of the pandemic because they keep me off airplanes and eliminate seven miles of walking each day at the bigger public cloud conferences. Maybe I’m getting lazy in my old age, but the time that virtual events save seems to be more productive.

Not to pick on AWS, but when we look at the announced innovations at public cloud events during the past year, few were game changers. Yes, most vendors will continue to move toward the intelligent edge, providing more points of presence, and they will continue to exploit artificial intelligence. However, these are mostly evolutionary steps rather than revolutionary ideas.

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about moving from containers to serverless containers or from relational databases to purpose-built cloud-based databases or from outdated

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Business Insider names top 36 public relation experts in technology

  • Tech companies have no shortage of PR needs, whether it’s handling crises like antitrust concerns or promoting a new product.
  • Business Insider identified 36 top public relations pros working in the tech industry.
  • They include names from venture capital firms, SaaS companies, startups, established PR firms, and small agencies.
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Tech companies are often in the news for issues ranging from antitrust concerns to unsavory content proliferating on their platforms.

But besides tamping down crises, these companies also need to promote their products and drive sales.

To do that, they turn to public relations professionals to win over journalists and pitch stories.

Business Insider identified 36 of the top PR pros working in tech. They represent everything from tech giants and enterprise software companies to startups and small agencies.

The list includes well-known Silicon Valley PR’s like Ash Spiegelberg, partner and head of the

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Why Can’t Shanghai Run A Public Offering?

In November 2007, the Shanghai stock exchange carried out an Initial Public Offering (IPO) for PetroChina
, China’s leading energy company. The share price soared 163% on the first day. PetroChina became (briefly) the world’s most valuable company. The Wall Street Journal called it a “stunning debut.” Western media noted that by some measures, PetroChina surpassed a $1 Trillion-dollar market capitalization — over a decade before Apple
did it. (Note: The question of the company’s true market cap was complicated by very different valuations of PetroChina shares trading on the Shanghai, Hong Kong and New York exchanges. But in any case, it was a huge deal.) 

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Nextdoor’s rocky road to going public

Nextdoor is a local social media app that acts as a digital public message board for neighborhoods where users can sell furniture, organize events and alert neighbors of danger.

In the past year, monthly active users on Nextdoor grew 20 percent, according to Sensor Tower. It’s provided neighbors and public agencies a platform to spread useful and important information during the pandemic.

But the app, along with crime-focused apps like Citizen and Amazon Ring’s Neighbors, has been scrutinized for years for not doing enough to curb the racism prevalent on the platform.

Unlike Citizen and Neighbors, Nextdoor is more than a crime-fighting app. It helps small businesses connect to their local customers and gain new customers with free business postings. Local news outlets, which have been dwindling for years, have used the platform to reach a larger local audience with articles that are relevant to their community. But its reputation

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Twitter Is Bringing Back Public Verification

Illustration for article titled Twitter Brings Back Public Verification For The Accounts It Deems Worthy

Photo: Andrew Burton (Getty Images)

If you’re one of the troves of people who—for some bizarre reason—wants to be among the blue-checked elite on Twitter, then good news: everyone’s favorite app for posting bad takes will be bringing back its verification process early next year.

Twitter announced on Tuesday that it has formal plans to relaunch account verification—complete with a new, public application process—in “early 2021.” The company paused public verifications three years ago, though thousands of accounts (including my own) have still quietly achieved checkmark status in the interim. After all that time and more than a few screw-ups, Twitter has decided the relaunched should also be a bit more of a revamped: better defining who gets verified and why, and what it takes for an account to have their blue checkmark snatched away.

According to the current draft of the verifications policy, accounts that meet

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Public Debate Over Private Development Of Sandy Hook Rages On

HIGHLANDS, NJ – Eileen Pabon has vivid childhood memories of making an annual summer trek to Sandy Hook, where she and her family would take in the peninsula’s beauty and get glimpses of neighboring New York City while soaking in the rich history her surroundings had to offer.

Now at age 54, Pabon is among the opponents of a National Park Service proposal that would allow a private developer to turn 21 existing structures at the Gateway National Recreation Area into residential apartments. On Monday night, Pabon was one of more than 200 people who joined a virtual Fort Hancock public open house about the project, which still remains in the conversation stage but that the National Park Service officials say would help cover nearly $800 million in deferred maintenance on Sandy Hook.

Opponents of the project say that the national historic landmark should remain something for the public to

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Nurses, doctors use social media to plead for public to take COVID-19 seriously as cases surge

As the number of COVID-19 cases continue to spike across the country and hospitals become full, nurses and doctors are taking to social media to beg the public to take COVID-19 seriously and follow safety guidelines.

“We are physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted,” Dr. Kate Grossman, a pulmonary and critical care physician in Columbia, Missouri, wrote in a message shared on Twitter.

“I have seen so many emergent intubations. I’ve seen people more sick than I’ve ever seen in my life,” Lacie Gooch, an intensive care unit nurse at Nebraska Medicine in Omaha, said in a video that Nebraska Medicine shared on Twitter this week.

Gooch, 25, is a cardiovascular ICU nurse who has been working shifts in her hospital’s COVID-19 ICU since April.

She described a sense of frustration and exasperation at the disconnect between what she and her colleagues are doing to save lives inside the hospital, and

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Tween Gaming Sensation Roblox To Go Public: Filing

Popular gaming platform Roblox, a pandemic sensation among children, is aiming to raise $1 billion in an initial public offering, according to documents published Thursday.

The online phenomenon, which allows users to create their own immersive 3D games, reported revenue of $589 million for the nine months to September and an operating cash flow of $345 million.

According to the IPO filing, the California-based company is not yet profitable, reporting a net loss of $203.2 million in the nine months ending in September.

The size of the offering was listed at $1 billion, though that will likely change, according to Bloomberg.

Roblox has become a gaming sensation among children Roblox has become a gaming sensation among children Photo: AFP / Lionel BONAVENTURE


Roblox is a massive hit among seven to 13-year-olds, who can use the platform to play games across a range of devices and systems including iOS, Android, PC, Mac, and Xbox. Developers get a share of

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Roblox Files to Go Public

Online video game company Roblox filed to go public Thursday after the market close.

The move comes as coronavirus cases surge and more stay-at-home orders and lockdowns loom, boding well for the company’s prospects as kids and their parents seek more online entertainment.

Roblox users navigate through a virtual 3D world created by other users and developers on the site. Users’ avatars can interact with other players in the so-called metaverse and buy Robux, a virtual currency that can be used to pay for one-time or special experiences within the Roblox world.

Roblox said it currently has 31.1 million daily active users, according to its S-1 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The company reported revenue through the first nine months of the year of $588.7 million vs. $349.9 million in the same period a year earlier, according to its filing. It reported a net loss per share attributable

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Kids gaming platform Roblox faces hurdles ahead of public listing: rough words

(Please note paragraph four contains language some readers might find offensive)

BANGALORE/SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Profanities and other offensive content that basic word-filtering tools are designed to catch can be found in some game titles and user profiles on children’s gaming platform Roblox, searches of the website show, despite the company’s “no tolerance” policy and assurances it has safeguards to enforce it.

Powered by user-created games, Roblox is on course for a multibillion-dollar stock market debut before year end, riding the lockdown entertainment boom with its appeal as a place for safe fun and interactions for the youngest gamers.

But parenting groups and investors alike said they were concerned about whether the company’s automated systems to moderate content can effectively delete potentially offensive language and images that pop up on the platform.

Simple Google keyword searches of its site – conducted twice by Reuters since

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