80% of cyber professionals say the Computer Misuse Act is working against them

Four in five UK cyber security professionals are worried about breaking the law due to confusion caused by the ageing Computer Misuse Act (CMA).

The 30-year-old legislation is restricting pen-testers and white hat hackers with strict and often out-dated definitions, according to a survey commissioned by teckUK and the CyberUp Campaign.

The survey, which was circulated between 46 respondents representing 11 organisations and some 25,120 employees, found that the legislation was stifling security teams in the UK, with 80% of respondents saying they have been worried about breaking the law when researching vulnerabilities or investigating cyber threat actors.

Around 40% of those surveyed said the CMA has acted as a barrier to them or their colleagues and had even prevented employees from proactively safeguarding against security breaches. Furthermore, 91% of businesses believed that the law puts UK consultancies at a competitive disadvantage with other countries.

Some of the answers also

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Free Social Networking Platform AgFuse Releases New Tools and Upgrades for Agricultural Professionals

BLENHEIM, S.C., Nov. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Created as a free platform exclusively for farmers and other agricultural professionals, AgFuse has introduced major new features including AgAnswers and The Leaderboard to help community members share information and build solid networks.     

AgAnswers is a new question-and-answer feature designed to give members the customized advice they need. Members can post their individual questions on the platform and can control who sees this content: everyone, followers only, or members of a specific group. Members can even ask questions anonymously and can also send requests to specific experts for their answers. Within AgAnswers, community members can upvote or downvote answers to help the best feedback rise to the top.  

The Leaderboard is a scoring system to highlight active community members and their valuable contributions. Scores are determined by a combination of quality posts, articles, and comments published on AgFuse. In addition to having

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