Social media’s problem isn’t bias, it’s advertising. And that we can fix.

Remember when we all thought the internet would miraculously make the world better? That was then, and now we know the truth: bad people still do bad things. They just do it on the internet.

The ad-driven dynamic of commercial social media makes it profitable to drive outrage. Thoughtful and fact-based dialog is the first casualty.

Furthermore, automation has made it profitable to give each user a view of the world that maximizes involvement, without any sense of proportion or reality. The baseless Q fantasies are a case in point.

The Q delusions exploit defects in human information processing. At a more general level, our social media giants exploit the same defects to sell ads, without giving us the social contact we crave, especially in a pandemic.

Underneath the neighborly and family content are social network algorithms designed to drive users to more extreme content. Facebook in particular has repeatedly

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The Problem With QuantumScape’s Valuation

With QuantumScape (QS) touching $50, we’ve hit full insanity again to end the last trading day of November. This recent reverse-merger via a SPAC has solid backing for its solid-state lithium battery concept. Any company with the name Bill Gates attached to it definitely gets attention and a premium. And the company holds patents in one of the hottest sector of the market, electronic vehicles, a market positioned to potentially outperform over the coming years.

The problem comes down to valuation. In their pitch to investors, the company outlined its future enterprise value and then backed into a discounted enterprise value of $12.579 billion. This EV was used as justification on the deal. And I don’t disagree with it.

The problem?

With 447.6 million shares outstanding post-merger, which does NOT include the additional shares that the warrants could introduce, the current Enterprise Value is now above $20 billion with a

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AI approach could solve the problem of ROI for content


COVID has created an uncertain future for companies and their content marketing.

Photo: Tom Foremski

When the COVID-related lockdowns occurred earlier this year, most companies quickly cut back on their marketing spend as they found that their messaging wasn’t getting much traction — and for good reason. The messaging was no longer relevant. San Francisco-based InPowered says its AI technologies are helping companies re-engage with their traffic and zero-in on what people want to see.

InPowered focuses on content marketing and its clients are large Fortune 500 brands trying amplify their marketing through technologies that match relevant content to the right people.

“When COVID started to hit we saw a lot of big clients, some of the largest brands in the world, pull back spending because they weren’t able to engage with people, and they didn’t know what type of content would work under these new business conditions,” said Peyman

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Has Joby Cracked The Power Problem To Make Electric Air Taxis Work?

As a college freshman in 1992 interested in building aircraft capable of taking off and landing vertically, JoeBen Bevirt landed in the right place: the lab of flying car pioneer Paul Moller at the University of California, Davis.

But despite deep respect for Moller, Bevirt soon concluded that it wasn’t going to work. The rotary gas-powered engines Moller was developing for his Skycar were intolerably loud and research Bevirt did on batteries led him to believe it would be decades before they would contain enough energy at a low enough weight to make a quieter electric vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft possible. He turned to robotics instead.

A few decades of battery

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‘Godfall’ Is The Perfect Xbox Game Pass Game, Which Presents An Obvious Problem

Well, I appear to be nearing the end of Godfall’s campaign, having chopped my way through all the zones and facing down the final mini-boss before the big boss. I know there is some level of endgame planned out, but we’ll see how much I feel like committing to that when I have about a half dozen other games released this week alone in my backlog.

What strikes me about Godfall is that fundamentally, I am mostly enjoying it. But as a veteran of the looter genre, what I’m seeing here feels a lot more…sparse than pretty much anything else in the genre. Repetitive levels, a story contained mostly in a single room, 12 “classes” with little variance between them.

And yet, all of this is bundled up in the new-era AAA games price of $70. And that’s where this becomes an issue.

To me, as I play

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Ant Group’s Failed IPO Is A China Problem, Not A Fintech Problem

Just when you thought it was safe to be a billionaire.

Jack Ma, one of China’s richest men, and a philanthropist that pals around with the likes of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, kind of got his hat handed to him recently when his Ant Group got banned from listing in the U.S. After that, even that Hong Kongers said “not can do”, Jack.

Looked at from a pure market perspective, their failed IPO is only a China problem.

Fintech companies from Russia to Brazil have done well this year, with some seeing record breaking

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