Deals Under $50 To Help You Persevere Through The Pandemic

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This has been an extraordinary—and extraordinarily challenging—year. And as a new wave of coronavirus cases rages across the country, millions of Americans are resigning themselves to the reality of hunkering down at home … again. But a homebound winter doesn’t necessarily have to be bad. Here are 19 great deals on things to make persevering through this pandemic just a little better.

Your personal sound bubble

The Koss Porta Pro Headphones.
Photo: Amazon

Koss Porta Pro Headphones
Deal price: $20; street price: $50
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Headphones are essential while you’re working from home. Even if you live alone and don’t need to block out the chewing/chatter/screams of your partner/roommates/kids, this former pick from our headphones guide helps you create

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