After internet banking, mobile banking problems, RBI orders lender to stop digital launches, new credit cards

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HDFC Bank failed transactions: Reserve Bank of India  (RBI) has issued an Order dated  December  2, 2020 to HDFC Bank Limited with  regard  to certain incidents of outages in the internet banking / mobile banking / payment utilities of the Bank over the past 2 years, including the recent outages in the Bank’s internet banking and payment system on November 21, 2020 due to a power  failure in the primary data  centre.  

The  RBI  vide  said  Order  has  advised  the  Bank  to  temporarily  stop

i)  all  launches  of  the  Digital  Business  generating activities planned under its program ?Digital 2.0 (to be launched) and other proposed business generating  IT  applications

(ii)  sourcing  of  new  credit  card  customers.  In  addition,  the  Order  states  that  the  Bank’s  Board  examines the lapses and fixes accountability.   

The above measures shall be considered for lifting upon satisfactory compliance with the major

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7-year-old mistakenly orders 40 food deliveries due to laggy internet

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40 food deliveries

Residents of Barangay Mabolo, Cebu on Wednesday morning were surprised when over 30 food delivery drivers consecutively arrived in the area after a 7-year old accidentally made multiple online orders due to a laggy internet connection.

According to Nico Sereno’s report on “24 Oras” on Friday, a resident of Sitio Our Lady of Remedies said the child’s internet connection was so slow that the child did not know that they had made multiple orders of chicken and fries.

“Pindot siya ng pindot dahil error so nag create na naman siya ng ibang order kasi error. Kaya ang nangyari nagiging multiple order na siya,” Dann Kayne Suarez said.

The child had ordered from 40 riders. However, only 33 arrived as some canceled.

Meanwhile, Suarez bought four food deliveries from the riders that cost P189 each as he felt sorry for them.

“I was thinking na ubusin na lang

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Orders from social media sites increased 84% in the third quarter, according to a new report

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  • In recent years, social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram have used ecommerce as a means of monetizing their audiences. 
  • Amid the COVID-19 pandemic that trend has accelerated, with orders over social media increasing 84% in the third quarter, according to a Salesforce study. 
  • “For all intents and purposes, it becomes the next shopping mall,” Rob Garf of Salesforce said at Business Insider’s Ignition event Thursday, presented by Salesforce. “Don’t sleep on it.”
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Americans are shopping more and more on social media platforms, with sales on social growing 84% in the third quarter, according to new Salesforce report. 


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“It’s a whole new baseline in digital shopping,” said Rob Garf, Vice President of Industry Insights at Salesforce’s Retail & Consumer Goods division, at Business Insider’s IGNITION: A Retail Revolution panel

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Walmart PS5 Orders: One More Restock Planned For Tonight

In the two months since the PS5 first went up for preorder, finding the console in stock has been near-impossible, but if you’re looking to buy the PS5 on launch day, there’s still a chance you can do so at Walmart. The retailer shared concrete details about when the PS5 will be available on today (November 12), though as of this point in the day, only one more PS5 restock time is left.

The PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition will be available to purchase at later today at 6 PM PT / 9 PM ET, so set your alarm now. Unfortunately, the first three restocks today came and went as soon as they appeared, with the PS5 selling out in within minutes. Even being on the page and refreshing right at the restock time led to site crashes, slow loading, and the inability to actually add the

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Walmart’s website crashed almost immediately after it opened orders for the PlayStation 5 on launch day

graphical user interface, text, application: Moments after the PlayStation 5 went up for sale on Walmart's website, the entire website crashed. Walmart

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Moments after the PlayStation 5 went up for sale on Walmart’s website, the entire website crashed. Walmart

  • The PlayStation 5 launched on Thursday, November 12, but it isn’t being sold in stores.
  • The only way to get a PlayStation 5 at launch is through a pre-order, but at least one retailer is selling PS5s digitally on a first come, first serve basis: Walmart.
  • The first drop of PlayStation 5 consoles came at 12 p.m. ET, and it promptly took down the entire Walmart webstore.
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After months of anticipation, Sony’s new PlayStation 5 launched on Thursday. 

Due to the ongoing global pandemic, Sony decided not to go the traditional console launch route and isn’t selling the new game console in retail stores at launch.

Instead, the only way to get one on November 12 is to have pre-ordered the console months ago

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E-Commerce Platform Grab Predicts Online Food Orders At Airports Will Hit Ten Million By 2022

Demonstrating that airport, airline and online partnerships can reap rewards during a crippling pandemic, e-commerce platform Grab has taken its airport online orders from zero to five million in five years, but expects that figure to double to ten million within another two.

Software company Grab, founded in 2014, has been providing contactless ordering and payment services in airport restaurants and other outlets in the U.S. since 2015 when the Houston-based start-up launched at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Grab’s five millionth order was transacted this summer at TGI Friday’s in Dallas Fort Worth Airport by a customer using American Airlines’ app. The next five million will take far less time.

Grab CEO Mark Bergsrud tells “It’s taken over five years to get to five million orders. It’s hard to say with the fluidity of travel

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