Ardmore Development Wins 2020 Montgomery Award

LOWER MERION TOWNSHIP, PA — A development in Ardmore was recently named the winner of a 2020 Montgomery Award for its architecture, streetscape, and public space.

Seven projects and their creators were honored at a virtual Montgomery Awards celebration sponsored by the Montgomery County Planning Commission.

The annual program recognizes the best in planning and design, advocacy, and environmental stewardship in Montgomery County and acknowledges the high-quality work and commitment of communities, organizations, and professionals.

In Ardmore, it was Station Row at Suburban Square that won an award.

Station row is a mixed-used development that won the award for effective master planning, streetscape and pedestrian improvements, and sensitive architectural design.

Station Row’s development involved the construction of a 37,500 square-foot building on a former surface parking lot near the Ardmore Regional Rail station.

Art Deco-inspired architecture, a pedestrian-friendly streetscape, and inviting public space were all elements of this addition.

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Guy Montgomery: the 10 funniest things I have ever seen (on the internet) | Culture

I’d never been online before I was asked to compile this list so it has been quite a tough job finding 10 things, but I worked very hard and this is what I found.

1. An instructive video

This tomato-faced little guy just brings it every time. Spoons on his eyes, massive emphasis on the MMMMMMM before announcing what purpose the spoons serve. Five seconds of heaven.


2. This man’s limoncello that needs a bit more sugar

A video that is improved by knowing exactly what is going to happen as soon as it starts. Here is a well-intentioned man trying his first batch of homemade liqueur limoncello. What could possibly go wrong?

Party people! Time for some limoncello.

3. This man taking the cinnamon challenge

Do not try this at home.

Exactly the same genre as limoncello, only more so. Plus this clip is enhanced by a dramatic

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