Marc Benioff and Stewart Butterfield are now united, with a mutual Microsoft grudge

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This week: The tech mega-deal that COVID brokered

Marc Benioff standing on a stage: Marc Benioff Reuters/Mike Blake

© Reuters/Mike Blake
Marc Benioff Reuters/Mike Blake

The year of the pandemic is closing with what may be remembered as the era’s signature deal. Salesforce is plunking down $27.7 billion — its largest acquisition ever — to buy Slack, the workplace collaboration platform that’s become as integral to the work-from-home lifestyle as sweatpants.

What a change a few months make: It was only in August that Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff insisted that big-ticket M&A was no longer in the cards. 

  • And Salesforce’s recent pattern of high-priced acquisitions, like Tableau and MuleSoft, are very clearly skewed towards assets involving data analytics and back-end cloud systems
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Salesforce chief equality officer no longer reports to CEO Marc Benioff

  • Salesforce hired Tony Prophet as its first chief equality officer in 2016 and made a point of noting that he would report directly to CEO Marc Benioff.
  • It was a major sign of commitment to diversity and inclusion on the part of the enterprise-software giant.  Now, after an organizational shake-up earlier this year, Prophet no longer reports directly to Benioff. But his role has expanded.
  • He now reports to Brent Hyder, Salesforce’s chief people officer, Business Insider has learned. Prophet also took over Salesforce’s recruiting function in May.
  • Read Business Insider’s full story about Salesforce’s efforts to improve diversity and inclusion at the company here.
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When Salesforce hired Tony Prophet as its first chief equality officer in 2016, it made a point of noting that the new role would report directly to CEO Marc Benioff — a sign of the $236 billion cloud

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