Yale ranks #124 for best global universities in computer science, faculty comment on lack of institutional support

Zoe Berg, Photo Editor

Just over four years since Yale University President Peter Salovey first said that the University would make up ground in the sciences, 2021 U.S. News rankings have placed the computer science department at Yale as 124th in the world.

The University is currently ranked #11 in overall best global universities according to U.S. News, but its standing in computer science is far lower. The ranking is based on the department’s research performance. 

Within the past 10 years, the number of CS majors at Yale has grown ten-fold, and the program is now the third most popular undergraduate major. But for more than 20 years, the number of faculty in the department did not increase significantly, even as the field has gained popularity. The hiring process is also crippled by subpar facilities, seven faculty who spoke to the News said, and Yale’s science priorities initially placed computer

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Best Buy Q3 online sales surge, stock falls on lack of forecast

  • Best Buy posted $11.85 billion in third-quarter revenue on Tuesday, beating analyst expectations. 
  • Online orders continued to surge, making up more than a third of all sales, amid another rise in coronavirus cases. 
  • Despite the results, Best Buy’s stock sank as much as 5% after executives declined to give a forecast for the fourth quarter.
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Best Buy posted booming sales Tuesday, including online orders almost tripling, as demand for home electronics and entertainment products continues to soar during the pandemic. Yet anxiety about a fourth-quarter slowdown and lack of future guidance caused the retailer’s stock to fall more than 6%. 

The electronics retailer reported $11.85 billion in total revenue for the quarter to October 31 — up 21.4% on the same time last year, which the company noted was better that expected. Analysts had expected revenues of about $11.0 billion. 

The rising revenue

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What Did Twitter Just Do? Lack Of Edit Button Upsets User After Fleets Unveiled

Twitter (TWTR) on Tuesday introduced a new feature, and no, it’s not an edit button. 

Following the path set by Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, Twitter has implemented a feature called “Fleets.” It is similar to “Stories,” which allows users to make posts that disappear after a certain amount of time, usually 24 hours. 

Tweets are able to be deleted, but many times they can stay on the internet through search engines and third-party websites. With Fleets, there’s no trace of them after they’re deleted by the user or the time runs out. 

Fleets is a new accessory to the social media site that can add more open conversations and creativity, according to Variety. However, it’s not what some Twitter users were expecting, nor what they’ve been asking for, for years.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook and Instagram apps have an edit button after users post something on their feed. Whether it be

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Lack of internet access causes problems for remote students

Heather Johnson’s work suffers due to COVID and now she worries about paying for the internet as her kids go back to full remote learning.

EVANS, Colorado — As more school districts move back to remote learning, what has become the norm for many families is a burden for others.

“I know I’m not the only one,” said Heather Johnson, a parent of two students in the Greeley-Evans School District.

The district is closing their campus Monday, and Johnson said she is worried about her kids. 

“My girls are both remote learning and my 14-year-old is special needs,” Johnson said.

With the rise in COVID-19 cases across Colorado, Johnson said her financial struggles have followed the same pattern. 

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“I was okay. We were okay,” she said. “We’re able to make our bills and everything, but we ran out of money around

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Pandorabots’ Bot Battle highlights lack of industrywide metrics for open domain AI

Emerging technology fields need industrywide metrics to measure progress. When you’re a pun-loving chatbot startup called Pandorabots and you want to call for better metrics, you put on a flashy Bot Battle. The Bot Battle consisted of two virtual beings chatting 24 hours a day, seven days a week for two weeks (unlike humans, AIs never tire). Viewers were invited to vote on the better chatbot.

The first contestant, “Mark Zuckerb0rg,” is based on Facebook’s Blenderbot. He’s a terse figure who wears a “Make Facebook Great Again” hat and doesn’t shy away from intolerant opinions like “I don’t like feminists.” The Pandorabots chatbot Kuki is arguably more eloquent. But she’s a politician, often taking the conversation back to her comfort zone and delivering the same quips again and again. The winner? Kuki, with 79% of the votes and 40,000 views. But Pandorabots says the real aim of the Bot Battle

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AOC: Democrats lost congressional seats because of lack of online ads

  • Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said Democrats lost seats in the Senate and House because of a lack of online advertising, including on Facebook.
  • “If you’re not spending $200,000 on Facebook with fund-raising, persuasion, volunteer recruitment, get-out-the-vote the week before the election, you are not firing on all cylinders,” she told the New York Times. “And not a single one of these campaigns were firing on all cylinders.”
  • The comments come as Ocasio-Cortez and other progressives field blame from centrist Democrats who say their causes and messaging caused the party to lose seats in the House and Senate.
  • Ocasio-Cortez pushed back and said the upset was instead due to a lack of a robust digital ad campaigns. She said in a tweet last week that some campaigns spent $0 on digital advertising the week before the election.
  • Democrats maintain control of the House, but they lost a number of incumbent congresspeople in
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