Best Cyber Week Wireless Keyboard Deals 2020: Apple, Logitech, Razer

Black Friday weekend ended a couple days ago, and with the biggest retail weekend of the year finished, now is the time for shoppers still hungry for bargains to sink their jaws into some ongoing Cyber Week sales. The vast majority of holiday shoppers are hopping online in 2020 to do their gift buying (for very good reasons), so retailers are increasingly stretching their Cyber Monday sales into a week-long event. That means that now is still the best time before the end of the year to find great discounts on brand-name gadgets and gear — including some hot Cyber Week wireless keyboard deals.

To help you find the perfect one for your needs and budget, we’ve put together a handy roundup of the best continuing Cyber Week wireless keyboard deals still up for grabs, along with a quick guide on how to choose the right model for your work

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The Raspberry Pi 400 isn’t the only keyboard computer with a Raspberry Pi inside

An open source development kit that houses a Raspberry Pi CM3+ Lite inside a keyboard chassis, pretty much like the Raspberry Pi 400, is available for pre-order.

Named the DevTerm, the upcoming device is a more complete all-in-one PC than the Raspberry Pi 400, as it ships with an integrated display and several other accessories.

Developed by Minnesota-based Clockwork Tech LLC, the DIY-friendly DevTerm is built around a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+, and in addition to the gamepad-equipped keyboard also includes a 6.8-inch IPS screen, a thermal printer, and a battery holder.

image of the DevTerm

(Image credit: Clockwork Tech)

Modular and open

Clockwork is known for its GameShell handheld retro gaming console. 

Like the GameShell, the DevTerm runs Linux atop a smart hardware design that’s modular, and open source. As its name suggests, the DevTerm is designed for doing development, though it does include a retro-style gamepad built into the 67-key keyboard,

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Raspberry Pi 400: These new kits bundle a touchscreen with the computer keyboard

The Raspberry Pi always attracts compatible third-party hardware and its new keyboard computer, the Raspberry Pi 400, is now available with touchscreen displays to make a complete system. 

The Raspberry Pi 400 is a Chinese-made keyboard top with UK-made insides, including a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB of RAM, USB ports, a GPIO header, HDMI ports, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.  

The Pi 400 alone costs $70, but there’s also the $100 Raspberry Pi 400 Personal Computer Kit, which includes the Raspberry Pi 400, a USB mouse and USB-C power supply, a micro SD card with Raspberry Pi OS pre-installed, and a micro HDMI cable for the display. 

The kit is almost complete except for a display. But, as spotted by CNX-Software, Shenzhen-based electronics seller Waveshare is now offering its own Pi 400 Personal Computer Kit bundle with a choice of two touchscreen displays. 

The Raspberry Pi 400 Kit with a seven-inch

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Roli Lumi review: a portable keyboard that lights the way for first-time musicians

Piano lessons for me as a child meant sitting down every Tuesday at a shiny black Yamaha upright, looking up at shelves laden with tributes to my piano teacher’s twin obsessions: busts of classical greats like Beethoven and Chopin, and copies of the Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack, to which he contributed every year. I’d sit and play; he’d sit and criticize. And over the course of a torturous six-year education, my teacher, Mr Dyson, instilled in my grumpy teenage self a love of music I can never adequately thank him for. I did my grades, paid my dues, and I’ve played more or less ever since.

All this is perhaps why the Lumi keyboard — the slickest, most intriguing piece of musical hardware I’ve come across in recent years — appalls and impresses me in equal measure.

The $299 Lumi is the latest offering from music hardware startup Roli, known for

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