U.S. House Democrats Adopt Mobile Internet Voting for Leadership Contests | World News

(Reuters) – U.S. lawmakers used a mobile phone app over the last two weeks to remotely cast votes for the first time, according to technologists and some involved in the process, embracing technology to facilitate an internal party leadership contest.

The development marks a shift in how Congress is adapting to the internet, especially in the midst of a pandemic. Use of the app, named Markup ERVS, had not been publicly disclosed before Friday.

A total of 230 House of Representatives Democrats logged into Markup on their government-provided iPhones to cast votes stating their preference for House speaker, who will be elected by the full chamber early next month, said Markup spokesperson Colby Redmond.

The House Democrats also chose their caucus chair and committee heads through the app, which transfers data to staff in Washington.

Earlier this year, the House changed its procedures for voting on legislation by the full

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Brussels seeks to demand more from Big Tech in revamp of internet rules

The EU is considering two-tier legislation to impose greater responsibility on Big Tech over removal of illegal content and the fight against counterfeit products in the first overhaul of the bloc’s internet rules in two decades.

The bloc’s preferred option is to adopt “asymmetric measures” where more is demanded from Big Tech to enforce policing of online services and the smooth functioning of cross-border digital services, officials in Brussels said.

The move comes as groups such as Facebook and Google are accused of using their clout to undermine European rivals and confirms Big Tech’s worst fears that the rules will hit them harder.

“Asymmetric measures with stronger obligations for very large platforms, further clarifications of the liability regime for online intermediaries and EU governance with reinforced oversight and enforcement . . . [is] the preferred option,” a leaked document said.

Big Tech, mostly Silicon Valley-based groups, are likely to see

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In dozens of countries, governments rely on Internet shutdowns to hide repression

Our recent work suggests that shutdowns pose three major challenges for protest movements. Here’s what you need to know.

Protest movements rely increasingly on the Internet

Protest movements tend to grow rapidly and spontaneously without much prior in-person organization, making it difficult for protesters to revert to offline communication during an Internet blackout. As they become more established, many protest movements rely heavily on digital channels to reach new supporters.

Beyond coordination obstacles, shutdowns often are linked to violent repression. In a recent study, we analyzed how Internet accessibility enabled government-sanctioned violence in Syria. Throughout the Syrian conflict, the government of Bashar al-Assad has tightly controlled access to the Internet. While some of the country’s 14 governorates (a regional distinction) — such as Damascus and Latakia — have largely remained connected to the Internet, others have regularly been subjected to severe limitations and shutdowns.

Regional data on where the Internet

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Love It Or Hate It? Dunkin’s Sugarplum Macchiato Has The Internet Divided

Dunkin’ had the internet divided on Wednesday when it released the Sugarplum Macchiato for the month of December.

The new drink, which can be served hot or iced, combines espresso, milk, and sugarplum flavors that are made up of blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and plums accented with vanilla and rounded out with a sugary finish.


“Our Sugarplum Macchiato is a colorful twist on a well-known, but perhaps mysterious-tasting, flavor of holiday lore,” Jill Nelson, vice president, marketing strategy at Dunkin’ said in a statement. “It’s the perfect complement to our fan-favorite holiday latte lineup and brings even more delicious cheer to the Dunkin’ menu.”

The Sugarplum Macchiato was made for social media with its color-changing appearance. As of Wednesday afternoon, a TikTok video showing the drink’s purple-layering had amassed 45,500 likes, while a post on Instagram had over 111,500 views.



Introducing the newest TikTok made you buy it: Dunkin’ Sugarplum

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High-Speed Internet Lines to Surge in Europe as Virus Boosts Demand: Study | Technology News

MILAN (Reuters) – The number of high speed fibre optic broadband lines in Europe is expected to more than double over the next six years from last year’s levels as the COVID-19 pandemic accelerates demand for faster internet services, a study showed on Thursday.

High speed fibre will pass 202 million houses in the European Union and Britain by 2026, up from 88.1 million in 2019, according to a joint report by consultancy firm IDATE and industry group FTTH Council Europe.

Houses passed is an industry term meaning the potential number of premises a service provider could connect to high-speed fibre optic broadband.

Germany, Britain and Italy are among countries expected to experience significant growth in the number of homes passed in 2026 compared to 2019, with Germany expected to see 730% growth, Britain 548% and Italy 218%.

According to the forecasts, the number of subscribers in the EU and

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SaskTel announces plan to bring fibre Internet to rural communities

Approximately 20 rural Saskatchewan communities will be getting access to SaskTel’s fibre Internet service, infiNET, over the next four years as part of a new $50-million project by the Crown corporation.

a close up of a brick building: The SaskTel building on Saskatchewan Drive.

© Provided by Leader Post
The SaskTel building on Saskatchewan Drive.

On Thursday, SaskTel announced its Rural Fibre Initiative, which is intended to bring the Crown’s fibre-optics network to approximately 30,000 households and businesses in smaller communities. The first phase of the project will introduce fibre Internet to the majority of residents in Balgonie, Biggar, Langham and Pilot Butte by March 2022. Phase two of the initiative will be announced later in 2021.


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“Through our Rural Fibre Initiative, residents and business owners in many of our smaller communities can continue to confidently build their future knowing they’ll soon have access to the best communications infrastructure available,” said Doug Burnett, SaskTel president and CEO, in a news release.

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Facebook urges Biden to restore global internet

Joe Biden should tackle the splintering of the global internet as one of his top tech priorities when he becomes president, Facebook’s head of global affairs has told Web Summit.

The Chinese internet operated on “a completely different set of values” to Silicon Valley’s “seamless and open” approach, Nick Clegg said.

He also berated the European Union for its “zealous focus” on regulation.

But he did not address the spread of misinformation on the platform.

“The global internet doesn’t exist,” Mr Clegg said in a conversation with John Micklethwait, Bloomberg’s editor-in-chief, at the Web Summit conference, which this year is online-only.

a close up of a flag: The US and China have clashed repeatedly in recent months, over trade, coronavirus and Hong Kong

© Getty Images
The US and China have clashed repeatedly in recent months, over trade, coronavirus and Hong Kong

“There are two paradigms struggling for supremacy,” he said – with Turkey, Vietnam, Russia and Pakistan all attempting to emulate China’s “censored” version.

This fight for the future of the

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Smart Algae. Underwater Drones. An Internet for Mars. How Hypergiant Is Inventing for the Future.

How do you dress for the Pentagon? Most people hoping to secure a contract to send satellites into space would put on a suit. But Ben Lamm is not a fan of the expected. So on a visit to Washington, D.C., the night before his big meeting with Air Force generals, he was at a restaurant deliberating two important style questions: Which jean jacket would he wear? And which swanky scarf? 

Ben Lamm that is standing in the dark: Lamm in the skull scarf he wore to his first Pentagon meeting, which led to scoring a satellite project.

© Courtesy of Hypergiant
Lamm in the skull scarf he wore to his first Pentagon meeting, which led to scoring a satellite project.

His dinner date that night knew the Pentagon well. It was Susan Penfield, a longtime executive VP at consulting giant Booz Allen Hamilton, which does a lot of work with the federal government (as well as with Lamm). “I don’t know if it will fly at the Pentagon,” she told him — but if he insisted

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Beware! Criminal Networks Likely to Sell Fake Coronavirus Vaccines on Internet, Interpol Issues Global Alert


© Manmath Nayak | India.com News Desk

Coronavirus Vaccine Latest Update: At a time when a number of companies are busy developing coronavirus vaccine for the deadly virus, the Interpol on Thursday warned law enforcement agencies across the globe that organised criminal networks could try to advertise and sell fake COVID-19 vaccines physically and on the internet.

Issuing an orange alert to all 194 member countries, the Lyon-based international police cooperation body warned agencies to prepare for potential criminal activity in relation to “the falsification, theft and illegal advertising of COVID-19 and flu vaccines”.

“It also includes examples of crimes where individuals have been advertising, selling and administering fake vaccines,” a statement from the Interpol said.

Notably, the Interpol issues an Orange notice to warn of an event, a person, an object or a process representing a serious and imminent threat to public safety. However, the CBI, which is the

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Chet Hanks Defends His Use of Jamaican Patois, Internet Says It’s ‘Verbal Blackface’

Chet Hanks is defending his use of speaking in a Jamaican patois in a chaotic Clubhouse appearance.

Tom Hanks’ son has made controversial headlines recently for speaking with a Jamaican accent despite not being from there. Moreover, a white man impersonating the dialect of a Black community has not gone down well.

Clubhouse is an invite-only voice-based social media app where users can enter into different rooms to listen or participate in a conversation.

Hanks, 30, was found on the app on December 3 in a chatroom defending his use of patois, saying: “I have no ill intentions and I’m just being myself.”

“It’s really as simple as this,” he said in snippets shared to Twitter.

“If I get on a binge or if I’m watching a bunch of English gangster movies and I’m just going about my day to day business like ordering a coffee in Starbucks and be

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