The effect of internet influencers on men’s body image

The effect of internet influencers on men's body image
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New research confirms men and teens are affected by Instagram influencers who set global benchmarks for ideal body shape, fashion and even facial trends.

While perhaps not as focused on ‘thinness’ as women appear to be from female influencers, the Flinders University study confirms males are responding to the body image and fitness messages shared by Instagram leaders, some with millions of followers.

This may mean men are less exposed to some of the negatives of social media but confirms the influence of fitspiration (‘fitspo’) and body image on this online platform, says psychology Professor Marika Tiggemann and Isabella Anderberg in a new paper in Body Image.

“Despite the rise in use of social media, there haven’t been many studies into its effect on men and our new study found there are similarities and differences between women and men,” says lead author Professor Tiggemann, who has extensively researched

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Australia demands apology from China after fake image posted on social media

By Kirsty Needham

a man wearing a suit and tie: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison visits Tokyo

© Reuters/ISSEI KATO
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison visits Tokyo

SYDNEY (Reuters) – Australia’s prime minister said a fake image of an Australian soldier posted on a Chinese official’s Twitter account was “truly repugnant” and Canberra was demanding it be taken down, amid deteriorating relations between the two countries.

Scott Morrison called a media briefing to condemn the posting of the image, which depicted an Australian soldier holding a knife to the throat of an Afghan child, and said Canberra was seeking an apology from Beijing.

The Australian government has asked Twitter to remove the tweet, posted on Monday by China’s foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian, Morrison said.

“It is utterly outrageous and cannot be justified on any basis,” Morrison said. “The Chinese government should be utterly ashamed of this post. It diminishes them in the world’s eyes.”

Australia’s relationship with China has deteriorated since Canberra

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