Dark web: Underground forums remain a hotbed of COVID-19 scams

From fake coronavirus ‘cures’ to counterfeit travel documents and scam calling services, COVID-19 continues to offer plenty of monetization opportunities for cyber criminals, say researchers from Trustwave.


Your valuable data could be at risk.

Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Fake COVID-19 cures, counterfeit travel documents and scam call services are amongst the services being traded on the dark web, as cyber criminals continue to look for ways of exploiting the 2020 health crisis.

Cybercrime has been a persistent issue throughout 2020 as uncertainties around the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent shift to remote working have opened up new ways for crooks to cash in on the situation.

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In closed forums on the dark web, criminals are trading vast databases of consumer information gathered via data breaches and phishing attacks, but also through readily-available government databases.

Cybersecurity firm Trustwave has been monitoring activity related to COVID-19

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