GE Hitachi Hits Milestone for SMR Design

Another small modular reactor (SMR) design is moving closer to commercial operation after achieving a licensing milestone.

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH), which is designing the BWRX-300 SMR, on Dec. 1 said the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has issued a final safety evaluation report for the first of several licensing topical reports (LTRs) submitted for the SMR. The initial LTR was submitted to the NRC a year ago. GEH said the company is working on a “dramatic simplification” of the BWRX-300’s design.

“Obtaining NRC approval of the specific innovations that simplify the BWRX-300 design is a major milestone in our efforts to license this game-changing technology,” said Jay Wileman, president and CEO of GEH, in a news release. “The BWRX-300 will leverage much of the existing licensing basis of the NRC-certified ESBWR and this LTR will accelerate our commercialization efforts as we remain laser focused on making the first

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US Hits Chinese Company Over Venezuela Internet Curbs

The United States on Monday imposed sanctions on a major Chinese electronics and engineering company for assisting Venezuela in curbing dissent on the internet.

The US said it was restricting transactions with the China National Electronics Import and Export Corporation (CEIEC) and blocking assets of any firm in which the state-owned company holds 50 percent stake or higher.

The Treasury Department said CEIEC provides expertise to Venezuela’s state-owned telecom company, which has blocked independent media as well as livestreams by opposition leader Juan Guaido, who is recognized as interim president by most Western and Latin American nations.

“The United States will not hesitate to target anyone helping to suppress the democratic will of the Venezuelan people and others around the world,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a statement.

The Treasury Department described CEIEC as offering a “commercialized version of Beijing’s ‘Great Firewall,'” the communist power’s sweeping filter that scrubs

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Bitcoin dives as red-hot rally hits the buffers

LONDON (Reuters) – Bitcoin plunged on Thursday to its lowest level in 10 days, slamming the brakes on its blistering rally and sparking a sell-off among smaller digital coins.

Bitcoin, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency, slumped as much as 13% to its lowest since Nov. 16. It was last down 9% at $17,074, a sharp correction from its three-year high of $19,521 hit on Wednesday.

It has rallied around 140% this year to just shy of its all-time high of $19,666, fuelled by demand for riskier assets, a perception it is resistant to inflation, and expectations cryptocurrencies will win mainstream acceptance.

The second-largest cryptocurrency, ethereum, dropped around 13% and XRP, the third-biggest, slid over 20%. Both coins, which tend to move in tandem with bitcoin, hit multi-year highs earlier this week.

Bitcoin’s 12-year history has been peppered with vertiginous gains and equally sharp drops. It volatility has hampered use for payments

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Amazon Web Services outage hits internet and app functions

a young boy using a laptop computer: Amazon Web Services outage hits internet and app functions

© Jocelyn Fernandes
Amazon Web Services outage hits internet and app functions

A multi-hour glitch in Amazon Web Services (AWS) is affecting several websites and apps that depend on the service.

At 5.25 PM ET on Wednesday (3.55 AM IST Thursday) Amazon said recovery might “still be a few hours away”.

“We continue to work towards recovery of the issue affecting the Kinesis Data Streams API in the US-EAST-1 Region. We also continue to see an improvement in error rates for Kinesis and several affected services, but expect full recovery to still take up to a few hours,” a statement on the AWS Service Health Dashboard read.

Later, at 7.42 PM ET (6.12 AM IST) it said there were “steady signs of recovery.”

Amazon told The Verge that while the outage is only affecting one of its 23 geographic AWS regions, it has affected “a large number of internet services.”

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Massive Amazon Web Services outages hits companies across internet

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud-computing platform that’s the digital backbone to numerous different businesses, has suffered a major outage .

Jeff Bezos standing on a stage in front of a curtain

© Provided by The Independent

The problems on Wednesday affected numerous firms including the streaming platform Roku, creative software manufacturer Adobe, and high-profile news outlets including the Wall Street Journal.

Amazon-affiliated businesses were not spared either. Users of Ring, the Amazon-owned smart home security camera company, couldn’t log in and watch video at points, while the outage also hit The Washington Post, which Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos owns privately.

“We are actively working toward full recovery for all affected services, and will continue to provide updates regularly as we have new information to share,” Amazon wrote on the update page for the AWS incident, which appears to be linked to a series of Amazon facilities in northern Virginia.

Though less high-profile than Amazon’s web store, AWS, founded

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Tesla has 104% upside potential in bull-case scenario as global demand for EVs hits tipping point, Wedbush says

Tesla model S
  • Tesla’s inclusion in the S&P 500 and its “sustained path to profitability” means the bull story is now all about an acceleration in demand for electric vehicles, according to a note from Wedbush.
  • As global demand for EVs hits a tipping point, Tesla could surge 104% in a bull-case scenario to $1,000, Wedbush said in the note.
  • “New designs around Cybertruck and Model Y will further aid growth globally and thus enable Tesla to achieve its million delivery units likely by 2023,” Wedbush said.
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An inflection point in global demand for electric vehicles will propel Tesla to $1,000 in a bull-case scenario, representing potential upside of 104% from Friday’s close.

That’s according to Wedbush, who said in a note on Sunday that Tesla’s inclusion in the S&P 500 and its “sustained path to profitability” means the bull story

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Trojanized Security Software Hits South Korea Users in Supply-Chain Attack

Software Supply Chain Attack

Cybersecurity researchers took the wraps off a novel supply chain attack in South Korea that abuses legitimate security software and stolen digital certificates to distribute remote administration tools (RATs) on target systems.

Attributing the operation to the Lazarus Group, also known as Hidden Cobra, Slovak internet security company ESET said the state-sponsored threat actor leveraged the mandatory requirement that internet users in the country must install additional security software in order to avail Internet banking and essential government services.

The attack, while limited in scope, exploits WIZVERA VeraPort, which is billed as a “program designed to integrate and manage internet banking-related installation programs,” such as digital certificates issued by the banks to individuals and businesses to secure all transactions and process payments.

The development is the latest in a long history of espionage attacks against victims in South Korea, including Operation Troy, DDoS attacks in 2011, and against banking institutions

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China’s Internet Clampdown Hits Alibaba But Spares Tencent

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba appears to be bearing the brunt of the impact from the country’s toughening regulatory environment, with analysts predicting that it may be compelled to lower the fees it charges the merchants on its platforms.

Shares of the Hangzhou-based company ended the week down 11.4% in Hong Kong, while Tencent finished lower by 3.3%. Beijing unveiled a set of anti-trust rules on Tuesday that could give regulators wide-ranging powers to rein in the market influence of internet titans. The announcement sent shares tumbling, with Chinese tech companies losing almost $290 billion in market value over two frenetic days of trading.

The draft regulations, for example, stipulate that platform operators can’t force merchants to agree to exclusive

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New PlayStation Hits Market Ready For Battle With Latest Xbox

Sony’s PlayStation 5 went on sale Thursday, just two days after rival Microsoft released its newest Xbox, with the next-generation consoles vying for holiday season dominance as the pandemic boosts gaming demand.

With pre-orders pointing to a record launch, market leader Sony is counting on big-ticket exclusive games like “Spider-Man: Miles Morales” to keep the edge over its US challenger.

With coronavirus cases rising in many countries, launch events are off the table, and crowds of eager customers out of the question.

Sony's PS5 launched just days after Microsoft's new Xbox hit stores worldwide Sony’s PS5 launched just days after Microsoft’s new Xbox hit stores worldwide Photo: AFP / CHARLY TRIBALLEAU

While the new Xbox hit shelves worldwide on Tuesday, the PS5 is available from Thursday in Australia, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, North America and South Korea, but gamers elsewhere will have to wait until November 19.

In Sydney, just a handful of customers were collecting their pre-ordered consoles on Thursday morning.

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Bootleg ‘Four Seasons Total Landscaping’ Merch Hits the Internet; 2020 Memes Win Again

Just days after soon-to-be-former President Trump seemingly bungled the name of a press conference location in Philadelphia, the company at the center of the controversy is cashing in on its newfound notoriety.

Four Seasons Total Landscaping, the groundskeeping company that hosted Trump’s event in its parking lot, has quickly sold out of merch on its website. While some of the offerings, like a logo tee, had been available prior to this past weekend, other items, like a patriotic-themed hoodie that was rush released after the event, has since sold out as well.

The family-owned company saw its name trending on Twitter Saturday, after Trump tweeted that a news conference would be held at “Four Seasons, Philadelphia. 11:00 a.m.” Followers understandably assumed the president’s event would be held at the Four Seasons Hotel, only to find out that he was referring instead to the warehouse for Four Seasons Total Landscaping, a

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