The coming war on the hidden algorithms that trap people in poverty

Miriam was only 21 when she met Nick. She was a photographer, fresh out of college, waiting tables. He was 16 years her senior and a local business owner who had worked in finance. He was charming and charismatic; he took her out on fancy dates and paid for everything. She quickly fell into his orbit.

It began with one credit card. At the time, it was the only one she had. Nick would max it out with $5,000 worth of business purchases and promptly pay it off the next day. Miriam, who asked me not to use their real names for fear of interfering with their ongoing divorce proceedings, discovered that this was boosting her credit score. Having grown up with a single dad in a low-income household, she trusted Nick’s know-how over her own. He readily encouraged the dynamic, telling her she didn’t understand finance. She opened up

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Open-source software: How many bugs are hidden there on purpose?

Microsoft-owned GitHub, the world’s largest platform for open-source software, has found that 17% of all vulnerabilities in software were planted for malicious purposes. 

GitHub reported that almost a fifth of all software bugs were intentionally placed in code by malicious actors in its 2020 Octoverse report, released yesterday. 

Proprietary software makers over the years have been regularly criticized for ‘security through obscurity’ or not making source code available for review by experts outside the company. Open source, on the other hand, is seen as a more transparent manner of development because, in theory, it can be vetted by anyone. 

SEE: Security Awareness and Training policy (TechRepublic Premium)    

But the reality is that it’s often not vetted due to a lack of funding and human resource constraints. 

A good example of the potential impact of bugs in open source is Heartbleed, the bug in OpenSSL that a Google researcher revealed in

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Comcast raising TV and Internet prices, including a big hike to hidden fees

Comcast Xfinity cable television installation truck parked on a street in front of a suburban home, San Ramon, California, May 17, 2018. (Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images)
Enlarge / Comcast Xfinity cable television installation truck parked on a street in front of a suburban home, San Ramon, California, May 17, 2018. (Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images)

Getty Images | Smith Collection | Gado

Comcast is raising prices for cable TV and Internet service on January 1, 2021, with price hikes coming both to standard monthly rates and to hidden fees that aren’t included in advertised prices.

TV customers are getting an especially raw deal, as Comcast is adding up to $4.50 a month to the “Broadcast TV” fee and $2 to the Regional Sports Network (RSN) fee. That’s an increase of up to $78 a year solely from two fees that aren’t included in advertised rates.

As in past years, even customers who still are on promotional pricing will not be spared from the Broadcast TV and RSN fee increases. “Customers on promotional pricing will not see

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Demon’s Souls Devs Tease Hidden Door Secrets And Something Else In Cryptic Tweet

Demon’s Souls on PS5 is a remake, but one new element that has been added has got a lot of people talking. The game now has a mysterious door that no one can figure out how to open. Now, as players inch closer to discovering the door’s secrets, Bluepoint Games has tweeted out a teaser–one that could have a cryptic second meaning.

The tweet in question, embedded below, is a postcard from within the room with “Wish You Were Here” embossed on it. But what’s really got people talking is the text alongside the image: “A symphony of rumors…”

This is a reference to another tweet, made a year ago, by the account. The tweet, embedded below, follows up “a symphony of rumors” with “not one, but two”.

A Demon’s Souls remake from Bluepoint Games was rumored for a long time before the game was unveiled as a PS5 launch

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The PlayStation 5 has a hidden Web browser; here’s how to find it

Officially, the PlayStation 5 doesn’t include a Web browser, marking an apparent software downgrade from the PlayStation 4. But Ars has discovered the PS5 does actually include a limited, hidden Web browsing interface that you can use to load up generic websites on your TV in a pinch.

Getting in

The easiest way to get into the PS5 Web browser is to go to the system settings and load up the User’s Guide. Unlike most other informational menus on the system, this one loads up inside

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Avoid The Hidden Costs Of App Development With These 15 Expert Strategies

Developing software applications is an important endeavor for many companies. It’s also a very expensive one—and the costs aren’t always apparent upfront. The time and resources required to build a successful app can quickly deplete a development team’s budget and energy.

It’s important to plan for as many of the expenses involved as possible, as well as to have a strategy in place to keep the development team from overextending themselves. That’s why we asked the members of Forbes Technology Council how to counteract some common “resource bleeds” in app development operations. Their best tips are below.

1. Invest in a top-quality QA team.

I think people underestimate the value of having a high-quality quality assurance team. These folks are the final line of defense between your product and the market. I think that you do need to go all out when you hire someone for this role. However,

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