Genshin Impact Is Apple And Google Play’s Game Of The Year

As 2020 comes to an end, stores and outlets are starting to release their game of the year lists. Both Google Play and the Apple App Store have weighed in and announced the game of the year on their platforms, and the same game has taken top honors for both storefronts–Genshin Impact.

Google Play has given the game top honors, citing the game’s size and enjoyable combat as factors “Genshin Impact blew us away with its sheer scale and ambition,” the description reads. “Combat is fast and fluid, with each fight a spectacle to behold. Quite simply, this is the best game we’ve played this year.”

Apple did not delve into their reasoning, but also selected the game as the year’s best. Several other games were honored in their app awards, too. Legends of Runeterra was declared the year’s best iPad game, Disco Elysium took the Mac award, Dandara Trials

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‘Genshin Impact’ Expanded Map Leaked


  • “Genshin Impact” will receive more updates in the future
  • A leaker shared an image of the game’s alleged expanded map which features new locations
  • These locations will be available via future updates, the leaker says

A new “Genshin Impact” leak may have revealed the popular game’s huge map that will be made available to players in the future.

A prominent “Genshin Impact” leaker who goes by the name “NEP NEP Genshin Impact Leaks” recently shared, via Twitter, an image of the game’s expanded map. The leaked map is way bigger than the one currently available to all users and gives a glimpse at the many things the game has in store for players.

“Genshin Impact” developer miHoYo promised that it will release a slew of new content for players in the near future, Comicbook reported. While the devs did not divulge any details regarding these updates, it appears

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Sensor Tower: Genshin Impact brings in nearly $400 million in 2 months on mobile

Genshin is sure having an impact on MiHoYo’s bottom line.

Mobile analytics firm Sensor Tower said today that Genshin Impact has brought in an estimated $393 million in the first two months after its September 28 launch. But the firm also noted that spending in the second month didn’t keep up with its first month ($245 million).

The free-to-play open-world role-playing game is on iOS and Android, but it’s also a hit on the PC, the PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch. And it also runs on the PlayStation 5.

For a few weeks, Genshin captured the gaming zeitgeist (and and estimated $245 million in spending in its first month), with the Zelda: Breath of the Wild-esque game inspiring myriad discussions on social media and spawning numerous streams and videos on Twitch and YouTube. Along with Among Us and Fall Guys, Genshin showed how games with social elements could thrive

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