Black Friday 2020 laptop computer deals: Save big on Intel MacBook Air, Gateway, Lenovo ThinkPad and more!

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This year has had more people working from home than ever before and so laptops are back in demand. Do you need a new ones? Well thankfully, Black Friday sales got you covered! You’ll find a whole host of discounted laptops from Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg and Walmart, encompassing top brands like HP, Lenovo, Apple, Microsoft and more. We’ve gathered the best Black Friday laptops deals that are available now — and those we know are coming soon. Be sure to check back; we’ll keep this story updated as current sales expire and new deals emerge.

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Important to note: This is not a sale on the new M1 MacBook Air,

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Researchers warn of internet security risks connected to Tesla Backup Gateway

Researchers have outlined weak security points in Tesla Backup Gateway and the ways in which they can be exploited. 

On Tuesday, Rapid7 described the security risks associated with connecting Tesla Backup Gateway to the internet; in particular, ways that open connections can be used to violate user privacy and security. 

Tesla Backup Gateway (.PDF) is a platform designed by the automaker for managing solar and battery/Powerwall installations. The system is able to connect directly to the grid, monitor outages, and gives users the option to watch and control energy reserves via a connected mobile application. Connections can be established via wifi, Ethernet cable, or mobile. 

In order to access the gateway, users connect to the software’s wifi network, enter its serial number — which acts as a password — and access Tesla Backup Gateway from an internet browser. Each gateway uses a self-signed SSL certificate.

The first time a user

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Sote wants to be Africa’s shipping logistics gateway

The twenty-first century could be a period of unprecedented economic growth and social change for the African continent, which is poised for explosive change — but much of that change is predicated on an outmoded trade infrastructure that hasn’t changed much since the beginnings of the last century.

That’s the problem that Sote wants to target. The company just raised $3 million in seed funding to support its Nairobi and San Francisco operations designed to transform the logistics infrastructure for African shipping — starting with customs clearing and forwarding.

The goal is no less than becoming the digital logistics gateway to the African continent.

“They are trying to transform an industry that hasn’t seen any innovation in a century. That’s the case with receiving and forwarding on the continent,” said Marlon Nichols, a co-founder and managing director of MaC Venture Capital and an investor in Sote’s seed round. “It’s so

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