Taiwan Design Expo in Hsinchu: City as Exhibition Space, Design as Part of Life

TAIPEI, Nov. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Executed by the Taiwan Design Research Institute, Hsinchu city has recently hosted the Taiwan Design Expo. The Expo broke spatial format to convert the entire city into the exhibition space. Citizens were invited to enter the city and the exhibition venues, which were also the sites of renovation. With the theme “Check in Hsinchu“, Hsinchu presented two main exhibition venues, six pedestrian routes, and 12 pavilions, along a single axis, and introduced Hsinchu’s unique technological features into design, using magical lights and data to lead people onto a journey through which the 300-year-old ancient city becomes a city of digital technology. The expo also designed and created the “Hsinchu Monsters” in various corners of the city to attract people into the small alleys in the old downtown area, hoping to generate experience and consumption; wandering through those alleys, the visitors not only

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