Daniel Radcliffe explains why he isn’t on social media

Daniel Radcliffe holding a sign

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Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe thinks he’d get into “fights with random people” online if he had social media accounts.

The 31-year-old actor doesn’t have an official Twitter account, and has said that if he did, people would constantly be reading stories in the news about how he got into a war of words with someone on the platform.

When asked why he isn’t on social media, he said: “I would love to say there’s some sort of intellectual, well throughout reason for this. Because I considered getting a Twitter and I 100 percent know that if I did, you all would be waking up to stories like ‘Dan Radcliffe gets into fight with random person on Twitter’.”

Daniel also admitted he doesn’t like the idea of social media because he knows it would negatively impact his mental health in the long run.

He added during an appearance

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AWS CEO Andy Jassy explains huge bets in hybrid cloud

  • Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy used his keynote at the AWS re:Invent conference on Tuesday to announce the introduction of several new products and services for the hybrid cloud market.
  • Hybrid cloud is a model that connects public cloud platforms like AWS with a customer’s own servers and data centers. 
  • Notably, Amazon Web Services spent years ignoring — and sometimes trashing — hybrid cloud computing, even as rivals like Microsoft, IBM, and Google have invested heavily in the technology. Jassy now slams those efforts as having “never lived up to the hype.”
  • At re:Invent this year, AWS announced smaller sizes of its Outposts devices, which allows customers to host the company’s cloud services from their own data centers.
  • It also announced that it would allow customers to host from their own servers Amazon Elastic Container Service and Elastic Kubernetes Service, developer tools that help manage cloud infrastructure.
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Amazon Web Services explains Wednesday outage

Within a few hours, the malfunctions began hitting customers of Amazon Web Services, the company’s cloud-computing unit. Customers of the Amazon-owned Ring security camera service couldn’t log in or watch video. Users struggled to operate their iRobot vacuum cleaners because the outage affected the iRobot Home app. And media companies, including The Washington Post (owned by Amazon founder and chief executive Jeff Bezos), experienced publishing system outages.

Amazon acknowledged that the system failure was exacerbated by the co-dependencies its various services have on one another. The company had been trying to add capacity to its Amazon Kinesis service that customers use to process real-time data including video, audio and application logs. To resolve the issue, Amazon needed to restart a piece of its system it described as “many thousands of servers,” a lengthy process that had to be done gradually. But because other Amazon cloud services rely on Kinesis, including

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TikTok exec explains key takeaways for brands to succeed on the app

  • TikTok’s fashion and beauty partnerships lead, CeCe Vu, holds “growth strategy sessions” with brands to advise them how be successful on the platform.
  • Her big message: trust creators.
  • Business Insider spoke with Vu about her 6 key takeaways for brands, from co-creating with influencers through features like duets to leaning into the comments.
  • “My role is to help [brands] realize what they can actually do,” she said.
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TikTok’s fashion and beauty partnerships lead, CeCe Vu, has one major message for brands: trust creators. 

For TikTok and its creators, 2020 has been a roller coaster of growth and political uncertainty. And for brands, dipping their toes into marketing on TikTok has not been an easy transition.

While the app has spurred a rise of short-form video content across platforms (such as Instagram launching its TikTok copycat, Reels), brands still face challenges when it

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Believe and ramble. Life and reflections’, the book where Jeff Bezos explains how to sell anything on the Internet

The richest man in the world and owner of Amazon , Jeff Bezos , will put on sale on November 19, around the world, his new book called “Create and Divaga. Life and Reflections of Jeff Bezos ” , where the businessman tells how he made his fortune and formed his e-commerce empire.

Jeff Bezos wearing a suit and tie

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At the beginning, the businessman sold a limited number of products in his catalog, among these were books, music and videos, however, he received a message that would change his vision of the business.

The phrase that had a significant impact on his career was “I wish they sold windshield wiper blades, because I have to change them now,” written by a customer in his virtual store, as noted in his book. This comment was a trigger for him to grow successfully. It was at that moment when he perceived the opportunity

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