Hackers targeting supply chain that keeps coronavirus vaccines cold, experts warn

Hackers backed by foreign governments are targeting companies involved in the shipping and storing the coronavirus vaccine at a low enough temperature to keep it from spoiling, IBM said in research released Thursday.

The announcement is the latest in a series of cybersecurity research reports that point to foreign governments employing hackers to break into the networks of groups working to rush out a vaccine, and comes as the U.S. prepares to ship refrigerated boxes of vaccines across the country this month.

While not every potential vaccine requires the same refrigeration, the one developed by Pfizer-BioNTech, which was approved Wednesday in the U.K. and may soon become the first coronavirus vaccine approved for distribution in the U.S., has to be shipped in special boxes of dry ice that must be opened quickly before use. The White House has claimed that as many as 20 million doses of the vaccine could

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Business Insider names top 36 public relation experts in technology

  • Tech companies have no shortage of PR needs, whether it’s handling crises like antitrust concerns or promoting a new product.
  • Business Insider identified 36 top public relations pros working in the tech industry.
  • They include names from venture capital firms, SaaS companies, startups, established PR firms, and small agencies.
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Tech companies are often in the news for issues ranging from antitrust concerns to unsavory content proliferating on their platforms.

But besides tamping down crises, these companies also need to promote their products and drive sales.

To do that, they turn to public relations professionals to win over journalists and pitch stories.

Business Insider identified 36 of the top PR pros working in tech. They represent everything from tech giants and enterprise software companies to startups and small agencies.

The list includes well-known Silicon Valley PR’s like Ash Spiegelberg, partner and head of the

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Design experts to oversee NSW developments | The Canberra Times

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A panel of leading design experts has been appointed to oversee major infrastructure projects in NSW. The panel is made up of 88 independent members with expertise across a range of areas including: architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, Aboriginal and European heritage, as well as 12 NSW government design experts. Planning Minister Rob Stokes said the new State Design Review Panel would provide independent expert advice on State Significant development and infrastructure projects and precincts. “Iconic buildings and structures like the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge put Sydney on the map and it’s so important that we maintain design excellence with our new projects,” Mr Stokes said on Thursday. The panel follows a pilot program launched in 2018, which guided the development of more than 100 public and private projects worth almost $9 billion. “This panel, alongside the soon-to-be-released Design and Place SEPP, will ensure strong design

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Computer experts knew about glitch which led to convictions 20 years ago, says judge

Tracy Felstead, left , from Telford, and Rubbina Shaheen, right, from Worthen, near Shrewsbury, have both had their cases referred to the Court of Appeal
Tracy Felstead, left , from Telford, and Rubbina Shaheen, right, from Worthen, near Shrewsbury, have both had their cases referred to the Court of Appeal

In a letter to the Director of Public Prosecutions, High Court judge Mr Justice Fraser said that expert witnesses who gave evidence at criminal trials were aware of problems with the Horizon system, but failed to disclose them.

The Metropolitan Police force has now launched a criminal investigation into evidence given by former Fujitsu staff Gareth Jenkins and Anne Chambers during previous trials.

Last month it emerged that four former post office workers from the West Midlands, who were jailed because of shortfalls caused by a bug in the Horizon system, will now have their convictions quashed.

Rubbina Shaheen, 55, from Shrewsbury, Tracy Felstead, 38, from Telford, Neelam Hussain, 32, who kept a post office in West Bromwich, and Carl Page 54, who kept a

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‘Free speech’ social media platform Parler is a hit among Trump supporters, but experts say it won’t last

Parler, a Twitter-style social media platform, has gained popularity mostly among President Donald Trump’s supporters and right-wing conservatives after the 2020 presidential election, but experts told ABC News they believe it’s unlikely the platform will grow any further.

“They have this echo chamber and they can’t trigger anyone or target anyone because everyone believes what you believe,” said Fadi Quran, campaign director at Avaaz, a global civic organization that studies misinformation. “It gets boring to be sharing the same type of hate, and so they end up having to come back to the top five social media platforms.”

Parler was founded in 2018 by John Matze and Jared Thomson, two Nevada-based conservative programmers. The app receives financial backing by Rebekah Mercer, the daughter of Robert Mercer, a hedge fund manager and the co-founder of Cambridge Analytica, who revealed her involvement in a post on the app on Sunday.

“John and

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SpaceX has a Starlink pricing predicament, telecoms experts say

Considering that after 17 years, Tesla is only now on the verge of posting its first annual profit, you could say Elon Musk knows how to navigate the long road of taking a business from red to black. But that may not make the struggle any easier when it comes to Starlink, SpaceX’s budding satellite-internet service. 

Customers using Starlink’s beta service pay $99 a month, plus $499 for a starter kit that includes the oh-so-vital phased-array antenna. Now, if you think “phased-array antenna” sounds like something that costs more than $499, you’re right — at least according to three telecoms experts we chatted with. 

They say SpaceX is likely paying thousands of dollars to make each antenna that lets customers hook up to Starlink. And although that kind of subsidization makes sense while Starlink races to capture market share, it’s unclear whether scaling up will bring costs down. That could

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