East Daley’s Midstream Asset Database Now Available on Amazon Web Services

Provides Access to Largest Collection of Midstream Asset-level Financial and Operational Data Anytime, Anywhere

East Daley Capital Advisors, Inc., the midstream expert, today announced that its Midstream Asset Database is now available for purchase on Amazon Web Services (AWS), enabling clients to access, download and manipulate complete data sets anytime, anywhere. East Daley’s Midstream Asset Database is the industry’s largest and most comprehensive aggregation of financial and operational data for North American midstream assets and the first one available on AWS.

The database provides access to over 1,000 North American midstream assets with asset-level information such as owner, location, throughputs, rates, revenues, expenses, and more. The combination of East Daley’s proprietary modeling capabilities and metadata tagging organizes each line item from the models into a searchable format by owner, basin, commodity type, asset type, and origin/destination. Clients are able to search and screen for assets, gain a comprehensive view of

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Cloud-based Database Market Predictable to Booming Worldwide |

Cloud-based Database

Cloud-based Database

Latest released the research study on Global Cloud-based Database Market, offers a detailed overview of the factors influencing the global business scope. Cloud-based Database Market research report shows the latest market insights, current situation analysis with upcoming trends and breakdown of the products and services. The report provides key statistics on the market status, size, share, growth factors of the Cloud-based Database Market. The study covers emerging player’s data, including: competitive landscape, sales, revenue and global market share of top manufacturers are: Oracle Corporation (United States), Amazon Web Services (United States), Microsoft Azure (United States), IBM (United States), Google LLC (United States), Rackspace Inc. (United States), Apache Cassandra (United States), Couchbase, Inc (United States), Salesforce (United States), MongoDB Inc. (United States), Teradata Corporation (United States)

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The cloud-based database is a storage system that

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Google catches up to AWS and Azure with new database migration service

Google officially debuted its new database migration service (DMS) today, designed to make it easier for Google Cloud customers to transfer their MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server databases to Google’s fully managed Cloud SQL database service.

This has been a long time coming, given that Amazon’s AWS launched its database migration service more than five years ago, while Microsoft launched its incarnation for Azure two years later.

Google has offered database migration services previously via partnerships with companies such as Striim, but by removing the intermediary, this simplifies the process and reduces both the time it takes and the chances of something going awry during the transfer.

One of the main reasons why Google is launching its DMS now is to capitalize on the surge in cloud computing demand prompted by the global pandemic and to encourage companies to migrate their databases from on-premises infrastructure to a more scalable, serverless

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Google introduces serverless Database Migration Service

Google LLC today introduced its Database Migration Service, a new serverless offering currently in preview that will make it easier for customers to move their databases to its public cloud.

The tool can import the contents of MySQL deployments running on-premises or on competing clouds such as Amazon Web Services into Google’s Cloud SQL database server. In the future, Google plans to add support for the PostgreSQL and SQL Server databases as well.

Google created the tool because migrating a database from one environment to another can be a tedious task under normal circumstances. Moving a large number of records over the internet requires significant computing power, which means administrators have to spin up servers to process the  information. They also have to configure network connections through which the information can flow to the new environment.

All this involves a great deal of manual work and comes with an associated

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Google Cloud’s New Serverless Database Migration Service ‘A Fast Track To The Cloud’

Google Cloud is debuting its new serverless Database Migration Service (DMS) that will support migrations of MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server databases to Cloud SQL — its fully managed relational database service and one of its fastest-growing offerings – with minimal downtime.

Andi Gutmans, general manager and vice president of engineering for databases at Google Cloud, describes DMS as the “simple, easy, fast track to the cloud.”

“You can think about the Database Migration Service as being a super simple serverless way — meaning customers don‘t have to manage any servers — to basically replicate databases from their on-premises environments into Cloud SQL,” Gutmans told CRN. “They can also use it to replicate from other clouds or from self-managed databases on the Google Cloud.”

Google Cloud’s DMS has an edge over other commonly used solutions that move production databases to the cloud and often are more costly and error-prone, according

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