Amazon Web Services has created a new ‘inside sales’ team

  • Amazon Web Services has created a new sales team responsible for deepening its relationship with customers — more specifically, helping sell more cloud services.
  • Inside sales representative share sales quotas with account managers and are an addition to customer account teams, meant to expand AWS’s reach, according to one company insider.
  • The new team is run by former Comcast VP Mike Eastman, director of Americas inside sales, who joined the company in September in Matt Garman’s sales and marketing organization, according to an org chart viewed by Business Insider.
  • Microsoft has long held up its deep relationships with its customers as an advantage in the cloud wars, where it’s considered a strong second-place player to Amazon Web Services.
  • Are you a Amazon Web Services employee? Contact reporter Ashley Stewart via encrypted messaging app Signal (+1-425-344-8242) or email ([email protected]).
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Amazon Web Services has created

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Russian inventor created his version of the Tesla 20 times cheaper with parts from the internet

The ideas of entrepreneur Elon Musk are a source of inspiration for many, as demonstrated by a Russian amateur inventor. This is Vladimir Kurbán, who created his own version of a Tesla car with parts purchased online .

a person standing in front of a car

© Spencer Platt/Getty Images vía BI

The enthusiastic creator decided to transform his old Nissan into an electric car, guided by YouTube tutorials. Kurbán bought the components on the Chinese platform AliExpress for about $ 1,300, and spent an amount on lithium-photopolymer batteries to power the vehicle.

Kurbán’s total investment was about 2,600 dollars, about 52,500 Mexican pesos . The cost of an original Tesla ranges between 970 thousand pesos (Model 3), and 2.1 million pesos (Model X).

After putting together his version of the hybrid vehicle, the man managed to turn it on and even take it for a ride. However, when he put it to charge, a short circuit caused

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Twitter Fleets have created a whole new opportunity for reply guys

Just days after , its version of Stories, the company had to to fix some bugs. But even in that short amount of time, one group in particular took advantage of the new feature: reply guys.

While this isn’t wholly surprising, as have become just another consequence of being a woman on the internet, it’s still alarming. Instead of just replying to a tweet and possibly getting lost in the ether (or muted, or blocked), Fleet-repliers now end up right in the user’s DMs. 

Some people have already caught onto how . And Rachel E. Greenspan, a reporter for Insider, observed in a tweet, “The reply guys have pivoted to fleet replies at a wild pace.”

Women were already in a “weird” position on Twitter, according to Greenspan. “Posting a picture of yourself [on Twitter] can breed a slew of inappropriate comments in a way that does not happen

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The Pandemic Has Created an Army of Wannabe Digital Nomads

a piano in front of a laptop: New Report: The Pandemic Has Created an Army of Wannabe Digital Nomads

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New Report: The Pandemic Has Created an Army of Wannabe Digital Nomads

A new report finds tens of millions of us are daydreaming of becoming digital nomads.


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Thanks to a host of pandemic-related travel restrictions and infection fears, few of us are traveling very far at the moment. But while we might be sticking close to home physically, a recent report by MBO Partners found our daydreams are growing more adventurous.

A shocking number of Americans told the consultancy they’re planning on becoming digital nomads once the pandemic is over. Will they follow through on their plans, and what does this growing trend mean for entrepreneurs?

A growing army of “digital nomad wannabes”

Previous research by MBO has shown that digital nomads — defined for the purposes of the research as professionals

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