5 Tips to Connect With Customers Off the Web

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In this digital age, it’s no surprise that the marketing efforts of many businesses are focused online. But whatever happened to offline marketing? Does it even still exist? Indeed it does. Proven offline marketing tactics still exist — and should be part of your marketing toolbox. Go outside the realm of digital marketing tactics with these five tips for promoting your business offline. 

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1. Dole out business cards 

Business cards can help you lure in prospects and network with other businesses and individuals. Not only are business cards pretty cheap to make, but they’re also super-easy to give out. Meet a potential investor? Hand them a business card. Potential customers? Give them a business card. 

If you already have business cards printed and ready

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Analysts: Salesforce could use Slack Connect to expand networking ambition

Salesforce’s interest in acquiring Slack could be the answer to its long search for a customer collaboration service.

The deal, which is reportedly being discussed by the two companies, could potentially see a B2B collaboration network built within Slack Connect, according to analysts.

Salesforce has added a variety of companies to its portfolio in recent years, using its expanding market cap to branch out into new sectors. MuleSoft was acquired in 2018 for $6.5 billion, and a further $15.3 billion was spent on data visualisation company Tableau in 2019.

However, a deal to acquire Slack would represent one of the biggest ever acquisitions in tech. The comms platform is currently valued at around $20bn, but it’s thought that the full cost of the acquisition could be on par with Microsoft’s $27 billion purchase of LinkedIn in 2016, or even IBM’s $34 billion deal to take over Red Hat in 2019.

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NXP, Amazon partner to connect cars to cloud computing services

FILE PHOTO: A man works on a tent for NXP Semiconductors in preparation for the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada January 4, 2015. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

(Reuters) – Dutch chipmaker NXP Semiconductors on Tuesday said it had entered a strategic relationship with Amazon.com’s cloud computing unit to help cars communicate with data centers.

NXP is one of the biggest suppliers of computing chips to automakers and Amazon Web Services is the largest cloud computing service by revenue. The companies said the partnership would involve making a new NXP chip designed to aggregate data from a car’s systems and send it over the internet to work better with Amazon’s data centers.

“We see the opportunity to help (automakers) make impactful improvements throughout vehicle life cycles with new vehicle data insights and the ability to make continuous improvements using machine learning and over-the-air

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Social media promised to connect us, but left us isolated, scared and tribal

Courtesy of Arash Javanbakht, Wayne State University

About a year ago I began to follow my interest in health and fitness on Instagram. Soon I began to see more and more fitness-related accounts, groups, posts and ads. I kept clicking and following, and eventually my Instagram became all about fit people, fitness and motivational material, and advertisements. Does this sound familiar?

While the algorithms and my brain kept me scrolling on the endless feeds, I was reminded of what digital marketers like to say: “Money is in the list.” That is, the more customized your group, people and page follows, the less time and money is needed to sell you related ideas. Instead, brand ambassadors will do the work, spreading products, ideas and ideologies with passion and free of charge.

I’m a psychiatrist who studies anxiety and stress, and I often write about how our politics and culture are mired

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How Realtors Can Connect With Millennials On Social Media

Sam Mehrbod (Ph.D.) is a Top Producer Realtor, Investor and CEO at Roomvu, an engine built for Realtors to convert their audience to leads.

The pandemic has pushed many industries, including real estate, online, which makes digital advertising a must for realtors. From my perspective, huge billboards that used to get realtors impressions are not as effective anymore.

The key question today is: Does offline brand marketing justify the dollars spent? While some realtors might prefer to leverage bus ads, flyers and full-page ads in the newspaper, I’ve observed some tech-savvy agents are connecting with their audiences online and converting that same audience into leads. 

With millennials representing “the largest cohort of home buyers,” according to The Washington Post, I believe social media — which has a large millennial userbase — can be an effective tool for lead generation today.

Having said that, digital marketing is not

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