AWS CEO Andy Jassy explains huge bets in hybrid cloud

  • Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy used his keynote at the AWS re:Invent conference on Tuesday to announce the introduction of several new products and services for the hybrid cloud market.
  • Hybrid cloud is a model that connects public cloud platforms like AWS with a customer’s own servers and data centers. 
  • Notably, Amazon Web Services spent years ignoring — and sometimes trashing — hybrid cloud computing, even as rivals like Microsoft, IBM, and Google have invested heavily in the technology. Jassy now slams those efforts as having “never lived up to the hype.”
  • At re:Invent this year, AWS announced smaller sizes of its Outposts devices, which allows customers to host the company’s cloud services from their own data centers.
  • It also announced that it would allow customers to host from their own servers Amazon Elastic Container Service and Elastic Kubernetes Service, developer tools that help manage cloud infrastructure.
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Kubernetes will deliver the app store experience for enterprise software, says Weaveworks CEO

Commentary: Google Cloud, Red Hat, and now AWS are serving up Kubernetes in a way that will make it dramatically easier to deploy and consume enterprise software, says the CEO of Weaveworks.


Image: Oleg Mishutin, Getty Images/iStpckPhoto

As consumers, we’re used to getting and installing apps via Apple’s App Store or Google Play. As enterprise buyers, we undergo Dante’s nine circles of hell just to get garbage cobbled together by an overpriced systems integrator. Or we used to, until Kubernetes came along.

Talking to Alexis Richardson, CEO of Weaveworks, which popularized GitOps, a new way to operate and manage Kubernetes in production. The reason enterprises have missed the “app store moment” is because “everybody’s infrastructure has been different for so long.” He went on, “Containers are the way to solve that problem because they provide the next level of abstraction to encapsulate applications.” Containers come close to this app store

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Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt Talks Talks Tech, Young Leaders

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Eric Schmidt wants to see new leaders running the world, fast. “The sooner we can get the next generation in charge, given all the errors we have made, the better,” says Schmidt, the former CEO of Google. “They are generally smarter, more optimistic, they have more energy. There’s a lot of reasons to turn this thing over to them.”

But just not any kids. Schmidt is a firm believer in the power of exceptionalism. On Nov. 16 Schmidt Futures, the organization that he founded in 2017 with his wife Wendy to empower “talent who want to work on the hardest problems,” unveiled Rise, a new partnership with the Rhodes Trust to

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Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh’s Legacy, From Tech Leaders Who Knew Him Well

Tony Hsieh, bestselling author and longtime former CEO of ecommerce pioneer, died at age 46 on Friday. His tragic loss — and unusual impact on the tech and startup landscapes for the better part of three decades — set off an outpouring of condolences and messages of gratitude from leading politicians, entrepreneurs and investors.

Through his book “Delivering Happiness,” various business ventures and influence at conferences and in his hometown of Las Vegas, Hsieh touched many lives. Here, Forbes spoke with several tech leaders who knew him well — Sequoia partner Alfred Lin, Neo CEO Ali Partovi, Long Journey Ventures partner Cyan Banister and Lowercase Capital founder Chris Sacca — to hear

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Alibaba CEO says regulations for internet firms ‘necessary’

HONG KONG (AP) — The chairman and CEO of e-commerce giant Alibaba Group praised Chinese regulators Monday in a possible attempt to repair ties after the stock market debut of its former financial services arm was suspended following criticism of them by billionaire Alibaba founder Jack Ma.

Beijing’s announcement of proposed guidelines to regulate internet companies is “timely and necessary,” Daniel Zhang said in a speech at the government-organized World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, a town in Zhejiang province, just south of Shanghai.

While Zhang did not specify which regulations he was referring to, China on Nov. 10 announced proposed guidelines on how anti-competition would apply to internet companies. They highlighted potential areas regulators might target, including exclusive contracts, which are common practices used by e-commerce firms and other internet companies.

The move to regulate monopolistic power of China’s technology giants sparked a sell-off in Chinese internet stocks. Alibaba’s stock

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Alibaba CEO says China’s draft anti-monopoly rules ‘timely and necessary’

By Yingzhi Yang and Josh Horwitz

a screen shot of a man in a suit and tie: World Internet Conference in Wuzhen

© Reuters/ALY SONG
World Internet Conference in Wuzhen

WUZHEN, China (Reuters) – China’s move to draft rules aimed at preventing monopolistic behaviour by internet platforms is “timely and necessary”, Alibaba Group CEO Daniel Zhang said on Monday.

Speaking at the World Internet Conference, Zhang said Chinese internet companies have moved to the forefront of the global industry with the help of government policies, but regulations need to evolve.

The industry’s “development and government supervision is a relationship that promotes and relies on each other, so that platform enterprises cannot only develop well themselves, but also serve the sustainable and healthy development of the whole society,” he said.

a man wearing a suit and tie: World Internet Conference in Wuzhen

© Reuters/ALY SONG
World Internet Conference in Wuzhen

Video: RCEP trade pact is a ‘wake-up call’ for the U.S., business council says (CNBC)

RCEP trade pact is a ‘wake-up call’ for the U.S., business council says

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Marissa Mayer, former CEO of Yahoo! launches “Sunshine Contacts” the app designed to manage contacts

This application, exclusively for iOS, manages users’ contacts efficiently in the background.

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Sunshine , the startup of Marissa Mayer, who is remembered for her work as CEO of Yahoo! Before the company was sold to Verizon, it released its new application based on artificial intelligence to manage contacts in an effective way.

Sunshine Contacts is an application that seeks to transform your address book, it is in charge of managing your list of contacts that according to Marissa Mayer this “should be something alive and changing”.

This technological initiative is attracting a lot of users’ attention, because it is the first product launched by Marissa Mayer’s company.

According to the company, Sunshine

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey ‘should be fired,’ according to NYU professor

  • Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has a second job: CEO of Square, the digital payments company he started after being fired from Twitter in 2008.
  • This dual role “renders him totally incapable of providing the attention and leadership” Twitter needs, investor and NYU Stern professor Scott Galloway argued in a recent interview.
  • Galloway outright calls for Dorsey’s firing — but Dorsey has been notoriously resilient in the role: He was previously fired, but came back years later. He’s also faced calls for his ousting from investors before and won.
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Jack Dorsey is the CEO of two major publicly traded companies: Twitter and Square.

But, according to Scott Galloway, the bestselling author and a professor of marketing at New York University’s Stern School of Business, Dorsey shouldn’t be in charge of the social media company any longer. 

“He should be fired,” Galloway told Yahoo Finance

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A Tangled Past Haunts CEO Vishal Garg

Vishal Garg, pictured above in 2007

The $4 billion fintech startup is hurtling towards an IPO. But its volatile leader is fighting multiple lawsuits that could complicate his ambitions.

“HELLO — WAKE UP BETTER TEAM,” writes Vishal Garg, the CEO of, in an email to employees obtained by Forbes. “You are TOO DAMN SLOW. You are a bunch of DUMB DOLPHINS and…DUMB DOLPHINS get caught in nets and eaten by sharks. SO STOP IT. STOP IT. STOP IT RIGHT NOW. YOU ARE EMBARRASSING ME.”

In many ways, Garg, 42, is the archetypal tech CEO: brilliant, brash and mercurial. Though his outbursts have caused headaches for some staffers, and forced others to quit — according to interviews with 19 current and former employees — such concerns have been overshadowed by Garg’s success in building Better, a venture-backed online mortgage originator that just secured a $4 billion valuation.


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AMD CEO Lisa Su gets chip industry’s highest honor

Advanced Micro Devices CEO Lisa Su has received the chip industry’s highest honor as the 2020 recipient of the Robert N. Noyce Award.

The Semiconductor Industry Association, the chip industry lobbying group, gave her the award in an online ceremony today. Normally, the event takes place in San Jose, California, and has about 1,000 attendees.

Su’s award represents the first time the award has gone to a woman since it was started in 1991.

“It’s an incredible privilege to be part of this industry,” said Su. “I actually fell in love with semiconductors in my first year at MIT. My first job was doing grunt work in a semiconductor lab. If you look at this year, what is resoundingly clear is that technology is becoming even more important.”

The SIA presents the Noyce Award annually in recognition of a leader who has made outstanding contributions to the semiconductor industry in

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