YC-backed BuildBuddy raises $3.15M to help developers build software more quickly

BuildBuddy, whose software helps developers compile and test code quickly using a blend of open-source technology and proprietary tools, announced a funding round today worth $3.15 million. 


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The company was part of the Winter 2020 Y Combinator batch, which saw its traditional demo day in March turned into an all-virtual affair. The startups from the cohort then had to raise capitalas the public markets crashed around them and fear overtook the startup investing world.

BuildBuddy’s funding round makes it clear that choppy market conditions and a move away from in-person demos did not fully dampen investor interest in YC’s March batch of startups, though it’s far too soon to tell if the group will perform as well as others, given how long it takes for startup winners to mature into exits.

Let’s talk code

BuildBuddy has foundations in how Google builds software. To get under

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SpaceX is paying billions to build its Starlink space internet terminals, report suggests

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SpaceX is reportedly outsourcing a key component of its Starlink satellite-internet business at a cost of billions of dollars.

STMicroelectronics, a Swiss manufacturing giant, will be paid $2.4 billion to build one million Starlink user terminals, according to Business Insider.

The terminal, which CEO Elon Musk has previously referred to as a “UFO on a stick” contains a phased-array antenna, which allows it to communicate with Starlink’s satellites.

In a beta test, SpaceX is charging $100 a month for internet service and $500 for a starter kit that includes a tripod, a wireless router, and a user terminal – and new information suggests that SpaceX may be paying $2,000 on each terminal.

“The production agreement specifies 1 million terminals at a price of roughly $2,400 each,” the source, who apparently has knowledge of the contract between STMicroelectronics and SpaceX, told Business Insider.

“The original timeline

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Build your new PC with a Rosewill computer case and power supply for $125

Have you been stocking up on PC parts during Black Friday and Cyber Monday? We’ve seen a ton of great deals. You might be about ready to start your new build. If that’s the case, ‘then you’ll need a case. See what I did there? Right now you can grab the Rosewill ATX Mid Tower gaming PC computer case for $74.99 thanks to a $25 off on-page coupon. The case only recently dropped to $100 as it is and was selling for as much as $110 in October, so you’re saving quite a bunch with this deal.

If you also need a power supply, buy that case along with the Rosewill 700w modular power supply. You will get an extra $50 discounted during checkout for getting both items together. Along with the $25 off the case, that’s a total savings of $75. If the discount doesn’t work, make sure “Rosewill,

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S&P Nears $44 Billion IHS Markit Deal to Build Data Giant

(Bloomberg) — S&P Global Inc. is in advanced talks to buy IHS Markit Ltd. for about $44 billion, a deal that would accelerate the wave of consolidation among Wall Street’s biggest data providers.


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An announcement could come as early as Monday, according to a person familiar with the matter, who declined to be identified because the information isn’t public. IHS Markit was valued at $36.9 billion at the close of New York trading on Friday, after climbing to a record earlier in the week. S&P has a market capitalization of $82 billion after climbing 25% in New York this year.

The proposed tie-up of S&P with IHS Markit, a research firm with more than 5,000 analysts, data scientists, financial experts and industry specialists, is part of a race for scale as the industry’s largest players try to capitalize on surging demand for data and analytics in increasingly computerized

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Early Docker build demonstrates incoming Apple Silicon support

The virtualization software Docker is getting closer to being usable by developers on an Apple Silicon Mac, with an early version of the tool confirmed as being able to run on the new chip architecture.

Mentioned in Apple’s launch of its Apple Silicon Mac lineup, Docker has yet to fully make the transition from being usable on Intel Macs to versions using M1. In a tweet, it seems the work to make the transition is making progress.

Docker VP of engineering Jean-Laurent Morlhorn shared a post on Twitter by developer Dave Scott, showing a version of Docker that is working on an M1 Mac. In commenting on the screenshot, Morlhorn adds it is a “super early version of Docker Desktop running on Apple Silicon.”

While the post is a good sign for users of the tool, it doesn’t mean it will be released imminently with Apple Silicon

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Dallas ISD plans to build cell towers, pay for internet to help students

Almost none of the students at W. W. Samuell High School had access to district-issued laptops or internet hotspots in their homes just one year ago.

In what would now be viewed as a prescient decision, Principal Jennifer Tecklenburg started handing out Chromebooks to students in December so that every student could have a device to take home.

“It was an equity issue,” she said. “The students needed the technology at home as much as they needed it at school.”

Most of Samuell’s students had a device when the pandemic forced campuses in Dallas and across the country to close last March. But there was still the glaring issue of internet connectivity – what good was a laptop if a student didn’t have a Wi-Fi connection to use it on?

Students completed work on their phones, submitted assignments via text message or parked outside of libraries and restaurants to access

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California Firm Contracted To Design, Build 90 CapMetro Shelters

AUSTIN, TX — A California-based firm has been awarded the contract to design and build 90 transit shelters over a five-year period for Capital Metro, officials announced on Wednesday.

Based in Corona, California, Tolar Manufacturing delivered 153 shelters for the local transit agency last year after having provided 69 of the structures in 2016, officials wrote in an advisory. The latest contract will bring to more than 300 the number of Tolar-built shelters for CapMetro, officials said.

As part of the agreement, Tolar Manufacturing officials said they will supply all components of the shelters as CapMetro continues delivering on its Coordinated Bus Stop Street Furniture Program for new and existing bus stops. Under the supply contract, Tolar Manufacturing will deliver a complete shelter package, which includes shelters with agency-branded banners and solar lighting provided by Urban Solar that is integrated into the shelters’ fabrication, officials said.

Corona-based Tolar Manufacturing delivered

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User-friendly software and 3D printing lets non-specialists design and build products

The accessibility of software and hardware tools within digital modelling and fabrication is a trend that has been growing in recent years (Credit: Shutterstock)
The accessibility of software and hardware tools within digital modelling and fabrication is a trend that has been growing in recent years (Credit: Shutterstock)

The digital revolution has changed how products are designed.

Today digital data from a 3D model, produced predominantly using a CAD system, is exported to CAM software, which is used to convert that model into a file format that can be sent to a fabrication tool that will then produce a physical replica of that digital model. Fabrication tools are computer-controlled manufacturing processes and are either additive or subtractive. The additive process is 3D printing, which builds a product up by adding material layer-by-layer, whereas the subtractive process, which includes CNC machining and laser cutting, removes material from a solid block or sheet to create a product. 

This workflow of turning digital data into physical objects is referred to as digital modelling

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to urge lawmakers to build on key internet law


Facebook and Twitter took steps to crack down on election-related misinformation.

Angela Lang/CNET

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey plans to tell US lawmakers on Tuesday that Congress should build on a federal law that shields internet companies from liability for user-generated content rather than eliminate it.

In prepared remarks, Dorsey says lawmakers should work with “industry and civil society” to address concerns about the law, which is called Section 230. Some of the potential solutions, he says, include “additions to Section 230, industry-wide self-regulation best practices, or a new legislative framework.”

“Completely eliminating Section 230 or prescribing reactionary government speech mandates will neither address concerns nor align with the First Amendment,” Dorsey says in excerpts of prepared remarks provided by Twitter. “Indeed, such actions could have the opposite effect,

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