Kazakh Fintech Star Kaspi A Pandemic Bright Spot

With most staff working from home, the headquarters of Kazakhstan’s fintech hero Kaspi.kz exudes a sleepiness ill-fitting for a company whose rapid rise has been accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic.

Kaspi, Kazakhstan’s payment systems and e-commerce leader, became the Central Asian country’s most valuable firm after it was valued at $6.5 billion on the London stock exchange in October in what was the United Kingdom’s second largest float of this year.

The listing took commentators by surprise, coming after a failed attempt — falling short of a $4 billon market cap valuation — the year before.

But Kaspi’s Georgia-born CEO Mikheil Lomtadze, told AFP that the company and its investors, including Goldman Sachs and CIS-focused Baring Vostok — were not fazed by the false start.

“We believe that we have a lot of space for further growth, and we were not in any hurry to do our IPO,” said Lomtadze

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Future Bright For US Sports Betting Investors As Digital/Mobile Betting Gains Marketshare

Global gaming revenues continue to stumble through the COVID-19 era, with H2 Gambling Capital reporting that the industry earnings are down 26% in 2020.

Retail gambling revenues were hit hardest, as lockdowns and government mandated stay at home orders saw brick-and-mortar establishments take a 39% blow.

Wait… This Is Good News?

“Numbers don’t always tell the full story,” exclaimed Shadd Dales of the emerging financial market news site TheDalesReport. “The short term losses likely expedited both legislative and technological advances in the US in ways that suggests a strong short term and long

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