The biggest hacks, data breaches of 2020

Cybersecurity may be far from many of our minds this year, and in light of a pandemic and catastrophic economic disruption, remembering to maintain our own personal privacy and security online isn’t necessarily a priority. 

However, cyberattackers certainly haven’t given anyone a break this year. Data breaches, network infiltrations, bulk data theft and sale, identity theft, and ransomware outbreaks have all occurred over 2020 and the underground market shows no signs of stopping.

As a large swathe of the global population shifted to work from home models and businesses rapidly transitioned to remote operations, threat actors also pivoted. Research suggests that remote workers have become the source of up to 20% of cybersecurity incidents, ransomware is on the rise, and we are yet to learn that “123456” is not an adequate password. 

Many companies and organizations, too, have yet to practice reasonable security hygiene, and vulnerabilities pose a constant threat

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OAIC has fielded zero complaints and received no reported COVIDSafe breaches


The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) has released its first six-monthly report on the privacy and security of Australia’s COVIDSafe app, which has been far from successful and only identified a small number of unique cases.

The app, which was touted at its introduction as being akin to sunscreen, has since been relegated to double-checking duties.

“There is scarce evidence on the effectiveness of digital or automated contact tracing,” a contact tracing review released earlier this month said.

For the OAIC, from May 16 to November 15, it fielded no complaints about the app and handled 11 enquiries. Over half of the enquiries occurred in July, and no enquiries were reported for October or November.

“We provided general information in response to 10 enquiries and provided assistance on how to make a complaint in response to one enquiry,” the OAIC said.

The types of enquiries handled were about

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