This Saga About the Rise of Social Media Was Just Crowned Best Business Book of 2020

text: This Saga About the Rise of Social Media Was Just Crowned Best Business Book of 2020

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This Saga About the Rise of Social Media Was Just Crowned Best Business Book of 2020

The book combines soapy insider drama with deep insights into how social media took over the world.


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Love it or hate it, no one can deny that social media has changed the world, swaying elections, inciting real-life violence (and revolution), and keeping you up to date on your least favorite aunt. How did we get from a tool to learn if your freshman crush is single to our current reality?

That’s the topic of award-winning reporter Sarah Frier’s No Filter, which was just crowned best business book of the year by the Financial Times and McKinsey. Frier’s book charts the rise of Instagram, its purchase by Facebook, and the power struggles

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Sunshine Contacts is an invite-only address book app from Marissa Mayer’s new startup

Former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has just revealed her first major product since stepping down back in 2017: a new contact management application for iOS devices called Sunshine Contacts.

Sunshine Contacts is the first product from Mayer’s Sunshine startup (previously known as Lumi Labs), and it promises to be “the world’s most advanced, intuitive contact manager.”

Sunshine’s goal is to unify and simplify your contacts across Apple’s Contacts app and Gmail, pulling down your data from those sources and combining it with publicly available information. At the same time, the app promises to help organize and clean up your contacts, filling in missing chunks of information, and deleting duplicate entries. Then, it can sync that information back to your contact app and help continue to keep it updated over time.

Sunshine also offers more granular settings for sharing contacts, allowing users to share more specific personal information (for close friends)

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Believe and ramble. Life and reflections’, the book where Jeff Bezos explains how to sell anything on the Internet

The richest man in the world and owner of Amazon , Jeff Bezos , will put on sale on November 19, around the world, his new book called “Create and Divaga. Life and Reflections of Jeff Bezos ” , where the businessman tells how he made his fortune and formed his e-commerce empire.

Jeff Bezos wearing a suit and tie

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At the beginning, the businessman sold a limited number of products in his catalog, among these were books, music and videos, however, he received a message that would change his vision of the business.

The phrase that had a significant impact on his career was “I wish they sold windshield wiper blades, because I have to change them now,” written by a customer in his virtual store, as noted in his book. This comment was a trigger for him to grow successfully. It was at that moment when he perceived the opportunity

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