Trump Administration Adds China’s Biggest Chip Maker To Trade Blacklist For Alleged Military Ties


The U.S. Department of Defense added China’s biggest chipmaker, SMIC and major oil firm CNOOC to a trade blacklist due to their alleged ties to the country’s military, continuing the outgoing Trump administration’s crackdown on Chinese firms.

Key Facts

Late on Thursday, the Department of Defense announced a total of four additions to its blacklist also including China Construction Technology Co Ltd and China International Engineering Consulting Corp.

SMIC, which is China’s biggest semiconductor maker, relies heavily on equipment and software from U.S. suppliers to design and manufacture its chips.

In a stock exchange filing on Friday the Chinese chipmaker said that it was aware of the action and was still evaluating the potential fallout.

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In a Wall Street Journal

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Amazon boasts of ‘biggest holiday season’ ever as in-store shopping plummets

Amazon says it has just had its “biggest holiday season to date” as customers turned to the site to shop rather than venturing out to physical stores. Although CNBC notes that the company did not share actual sales figures for either Black Friday or Cyber Monday, in a blog post the company revealed figures for independent sellers on its platform. Amazon says these sellers saw over $4.8 billion in sales through the two shopping days worldwide, an increase of 60 percent over last year.

“Through Cyber Monday, 2020 has been the largest holiday shopping season so far in our company’s history thanks to customers around the world,” Amazon wrote.

While Amazon’s sales reached record highs, traffic at physical stores has reportedly plummeted. Preliminary data from Sensormatic Solutions reported by CNBC said that in-store traffic fell by 52.1 percent this Black Friday compared with 2019, as customers stayed home to avoid

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The biggest hacks, data breaches of 2020

Cybersecurity may be far from many of our minds this year, and in light of a pandemic and catastrophic economic disruption, remembering to maintain our own personal privacy and security online isn’t necessarily a priority. 

However, cyberattackers certainly haven’t given anyone a break this year. Data breaches, network infiltrations, bulk data theft and sale, identity theft, and ransomware outbreaks have all occurred over 2020 and the underground market shows no signs of stopping.

As a large swathe of the global population shifted to work from home models and businesses rapidly transitioned to remote operations, threat actors also pivoted. Research suggests that remote workers have become the source of up to 20% of cybersecurity incidents, ransomware is on the rise, and we are yet to learn that “123456” is not an adequate password. 

Many companies and organizations, too, have yet to practice reasonable security hygiene, and vulnerabilities pose a constant threat

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Cloud and AI: The biggest trends in personal and SMB video surveillance

Presented by SpotCam

The global pandemic has put a spotlight on personal safety and security, so it’s unsurprising that the video surveillance market is surging as well. Globally, it hit $45.5 billion this year, while AI technology, which is being integrated into video surveillance products at every price point, will hit $100 billion by the year 2025.

Both consumers and small- and medium-size businesses are increasingly looking for solutions to manage the safety and security of homes, businesses and assets. More importantly, they’re in search of solutions that incorporate sophisticated new video analytics, AI and cloud-based storage technology. Manufacturers are racing to meet the demand, according to a report by IFSEC Global. This trend will grow as the impact of the global pandemic continues to make itself felt for both employees working alone at home and the companies with empty offices.

The growth of AI-powered surveillance

Video surveillance system capabilities

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‘Biggest sin in the programme’: How a coat from The Undoing divided the internet | Fashion

The real star of The Undoing, HBO’s absurd marital melodrama, is not Hugh Grant, the Manhattan skyline or even the pair of David Hockneys hanging inside a vast penthouse in episode one. It’s a coat.

Sludge-green, calf-length, with wide lapels and a hood, this coat is worn again and again by Nicole Kidman’s character, a gnomic therapist called Grace, as she floats down Madison Avenue, through Central Park and even into the prison on Rikers Island, brooding over her marriage to a man who may, or may not, have just murdered his lover with a lump hammer.

Other coats appear. One is red faux fur, constructed by sewing several coats together. Another is more of a cape, inspired by the Italian label Etro, but handmade and embroidered with Japanese flowers. But it’s the green coat, which is probably velvet (although it could easily be astrakhan fur, the tightly curled

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World’s biggest computer chip can simulate the future ‘faster than the laws of physics’, creators claim

A recent test of the biggest computer chip in the world found that it can predict what is going to happen in the future “faster than the laws of physics produce the same result”, researchers have said.

a group of people on a stage

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The Cerebras CS-1 chip, which contains 1.2 trillion transistors, performed 200-times faster than a supercomputer when simulating combustion within a powerplant.

The 462 cm2 chip proved so powerful in analysing over a million variables – from fluctuating temperatures to 3D air movement – that it was able to show what would happen faster than real-time.

Developed in partnership with the US Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory, the Cerebras CS-1 is described as “the world’s most powerful AI compute system”. The number of transistors is 22-times that of the recently announced Nvidia A100 80GB chip, designed for state-of-the-art supercomputers.

“This work opens the door for major

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Tesla surge adds to dominance of S&P 500’s biggest players

(Reuters) – Tesla Inc TSLA.O extended its rally on Thursday ahead of its December debut in the S&P 500 .SPX, with its market value nearing $500 billion (£378 billion), highlighting the growing domination of mega-cap growth stocks within Wall Street’s main benchmark.

FILE PHOTO: The Tesla logo is seen at the entrance to Tesla Motors’ showroom in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District in New York City, U.S., December 14, 2017. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid/File Photo

The California company’s stock rose 2.6% and is up over 20% since S&P Dow Jones Indices announced on Monday it would add Tesla to the index as of Dec. 21, a change that will force index funds to buy around $50 billion of its stock.

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated cloud computing, online shopping and other trends that have helped the largest U.S. companies, including Apple Inc AAPL.O, Microsoft Corp MSFT.O, Inc AMZN.O and Facebook

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Even Huawei’s biggest rival is arguing against banning it

Huawei Logo Mate 30 Pro

  • The CEO of Huawei rival Ericsson has criticized a Swedish ban against Huawei.
  • Borje Ekholm reportedly claimed that the ban restricts free competition.
  • He added that the ban would result in a delay for 5G rollouts.

Huawei has been subject to US sanctions for well over a year now, affecting its mobile phone division and network infrastructure business. Washington has also been pressuring allied countries to bar the use of Huawei infrastructure for 5G networks.

Now, one of Huawei’s major rivals in the infrastructure space has come out against a recent ban in Sweden. Ericsson CEO Borje Ekholm told the Financial Times that the ban in Ericsson’s home country restricts free competition and will result in a delay for 5G.

“I belong in that category that believes competition makes us longer term a better company. It may be painful shorter term but longer term it drives us to be more

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Why Disney Could Be The Biggest Vaccine Winner

News that Pfizer and BioNTech had discovered a coronavirus vaccine that was more than 90% effective sent shockwaves through the market last week. News over the weekend that Moderna also had a highly effective vaccine nearing approval for distribution added more power to that shockwave. “Recovery stocks,” including those in consumer discretionary, energy, and banking sectors soared, while tech stocks, especially the big coronavirus winners known as “stay-at-home” stocks, fell on the news.

The announcement signaled a fundamental shift in the market psychology that has defined the pandemic era, as it now seems clear that the pandemic will have a definitive end and one that could come as soon as April. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, estimated that the vaccine could be widely available to Americans by April, with healthcare workers getting access as soon as December.

Of course, with daily

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The 5 Biggest Retail Trends In 2021

Since online shopping became a reality, retail has become increasingly digital and internet-driven. Bricks and mortar stores have adopted elements of the online experience to encourage us to continue visiting them, and also played to the strengths that in-person experiences can offer, such as more personal levels of service.

But the coronavirus pandemic has affected the way every trend will play out in 2021, and offline retail has been hit particularly hard. This has led to widespread job losses and famous names disappearing from shopping centers around the world. At the same time, online retail has boomed more quickly than ever before as consumers choose to remain safely indoors, and home delivery infrastructure becomes increasingly sophisticated.

Here are my predictions on how the world of retail will continue to change over the course of 2021 as the pandemic and other factors

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