Australia and China’s new battleground: social media

Xi Jinping, Roberto Azevêdo, Randal Quarles sitting at a table: Bilateral ties between China and Australia have plummeted to a new low

Bilateral ties between China and Australia have plummeted to a new low

From furious insults to WeChat censorship, a spat between China and Australia over a controversial tweet has escalated into an online tit-for-tat in recent days.

The catalyst for the row, posted by a top Chinese government official, was a fake image.

But the diplomatic fall-out has been all too real, plunging an already fragile relationship between the two countries further into the abyss.

Warning: This story contains an image some people might find distressing.

‘Truly repugnant’

It all began with that shocking tweet.

On Monday China’s foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian posted this fake image on Twitter, responding to a damning report about alleged Australian war crimes in Afghanistan.

a group of clothes on a bed

© Twitter

We’ve blurred out a part of it, but the picture shows a grinning Australian soldier holding a bloodied knife to the throat of an Afghan

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Washington State Could Be the 2021 Battleground for Internet Privacy

A senior lawmaker in Washington believes the state can be the next hub for consumer privacy legislation in the U.S., following California’s lead. But he faces continued opposition from within his own party over how it should be enforced.

State Sen. Reuven Carlyle, a Democrat who chairs the Washington state Senate’s Environment, Energy & Technology Committee, said he is evaluating the recently approved California Privacy Rights Act with an eye toward updating the Washington Privacy Act in the coming weeks in preparation for the next legislative session beginning in January.

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