Trump Threatens Military Spending Veto In Social Media Bias Battle

Donald Trump has threatened to veto a major military funding bill unless Congress abolishes a liability law protecting social media firms regularly accused of bias by the president.

Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act gives immunity to tech companies such as Facebook and Twitter from legal action on content posted by users.

Both platforms have found themselves the target of incandescent fury from Trump in recent weeks after they began attaching disclaimers to social media posts by the president that claimed he had lost last month’s election due to voter fraud.

Trump has doubled on a months-old push to abolish the statute in response — a move that has been backed by his congressional allies.

“Section 230… represents a serious threat to our national security and the integrity of the elections,” the president tweeted on Tuesday night.

US President Donald Trump has threatened to veto a major military funding bill unless Congress abolishes a liability law protecting social media firms US President Donald Trump has threatened to veto a major military funding

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Gonzaga vs. Kansas line, picks: Advanced computer model reveals picks for big college basketball battle

It’s a showdown of two of college basketball’s best teams when the top-ranked Gonzaga Bulldogs face the No. 6 Kansas Jayhawks in the Fort Myers Tip-off on Thanksgiving. Tip-off is set for 1:30 p.m. ET. The Bulldogs are 4-point favorites in the latest Gonzaga vs. Kansas college basketball odds from William Hill Sportsbook, while the over-under is 147.5 (For the latest college basketball lines on all of the games, visit our college basketball odds page).

Before making any Gonzaga vs. Kansas picks, you MUST check out the college basketball predictions from the SportsLine Projection Model.

The SportsLine Projection Model simulates every FBS college basketball game 10,000 times. Over the past four years, the proprietary computer model has generated an impressive profit of $2,400 for $100 players on its top-rated college basketball picks against the spread. Anyone who has followed it has seen HUGE returns.

Now, it has broken down Gonzaga

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Battlepalooza is the first battle royale to use Google Maps for levels

The autumn wind may be a Raider, but fans of Las Vegas’s NFL team haven’t had a real chance to pillage The Strip as part of their football fun thanks to COVID-19. But if they’re battle royale players, they’ll soon get to fight in Vegas with a new game that uses Google Maps to turn places like San Francisco and the Sin City into battlegrounds.

Today, nWay is announcing Battlepalooza, a mobile battle royale game. It launches December 10 for iOS and Android. Now, battle royale ain’t nothing new, be it on mobile, console, or PC. But Google confirms nWay is the first studio to use the Maps platform to put cities into one of these games. The two worked together to develop Battlepalooza.

Battle royale continues to be a strong segment of the mobile gaming market. According to estimates from research firm Sensor Tower, the top 25 battle royale

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Opinion | Parler and other alternative social media look likely to host the battle over truth

Twitter-analog Parler saw a short-term surge in popularity when the original Twitter labeled a tweet of President Trump’s for the first time this summer; following the election Parler’s user base has ballooned again, along with a rise in audience for MeWe (a little more like Facebook) and Rumble (more like YouTube). The upside of the shift in Twitter’s and Facebook’s tactics is, of course, that the most harmful lies on the Internet can no longer spread unchecked to billions of users who never sought them out. The downside is that those who do seek them out by leaving for an edgier alternative are far less likely to be exposed to counterclaims — and more likely to fall forever down the rabbit hole.

Whether these alternative platforms can really replace their inspirations is dubious. The bigger sites still have the alluring advantage of being, well, bigger. And radicalism on the Internet

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Joe Biden Won the Battle, but Democrats Are Losing the Social Media War

As the 2020 election hit its homestretch, Joe Biden’s digital team began seeing alarming trends online.

Posts about the candidate’s son Hunter Biden and the contents of his laptops were spreading at incredible rates. Many of the posts were misleading, at best. Biden’s campaign had set up a comprehensive monitoring system to track the proliferation of disinformation across various platforms. And they’d seen their fair share of rumor, innuendo, and smear fly across the internet before. But this was entirely different in its scope. According to their data, there was more social chatter happening around the Hunter Biden story than there had been around stories about Hillary Clinton’s emails during the last month of the 2016 campaign.

Fearing a redux of that disastrous end-of-the-campaign implosion, the team dove further into the research. What they found there was more assuring. While the Hunter Biden story had taken off on Facebook, YouTube,

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SMTC Corporation to Manufacture Aura V Ventilators in Battle to Combat COVID-19

IPM Chirana’s Aura V ventilator

IPM Chirana’s Aura V ventilator being manufactured by SMTC Corporation
IPM Chirana’s Aura V ventilator being manufactured by SMTC Corporation
IPM Chirana’s Aura V ventilator being manufactured by SMTC Corporation

TORONTO, Nov. 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SMTC Corporation (Nasdaq:SMTX), a global electronics manufacturing services provider and winner of Frost & Sullivan’s 2019 Best Practices Award for Customer Value Leadership in the Electronics Manufacturing Services Industry, today announced that the Company will produce Aura V ventilators for its customer IPM Chirana.

“With the number of COVID-19 cases continuing to rise, we are pleased that we are able to draw on experience in building complex equipment that will perform in critical situations to support the medical community in combatting COVID-19 by manufacturing IPM Chirana’s Aura V ICU ventilators,” said Ed Smith, SMTC Corporation’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

“We selected SMTC to manufacture our Aura V critical care ventilators because of their reputation for quality, customer

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Pandorabots’ Bot Battle highlights lack of industrywide metrics for open domain AI

Emerging technology fields need industrywide metrics to measure progress. When you’re a pun-loving chatbot startup called Pandorabots and you want to call for better metrics, you put on a flashy Bot Battle. The Bot Battle consisted of two virtual beings chatting 24 hours a day, seven days a week for two weeks (unlike humans, AIs never tire). Viewers were invited to vote on the better chatbot.

The first contestant, “Mark Zuckerb0rg,” is based on Facebook’s Blenderbot. He’s a terse figure who wears a “Make Facebook Great Again” hat and doesn’t shy away from intolerant opinions like “I don’t like feminists.” The Pandorabots chatbot Kuki is arguably more eloquent. But she’s a politician, often taking the conversation back to her comfort zone and delivering the same quips again and again. The winner? Kuki, with 79% of the votes and 40,000 views. But Pandorabots says the real aim of the Bot Battle

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Are PS5 Consoles In Short Supply? Gamers Face Battle Buying Sony’s New System


  • Retailers such as Target are out of stock
  • The system goes for $499, but is $100 cheaper for a digital-only package
  • Sony didn’t stock shore shelves with PS5s because of the pandemic

Gamers on Thursday got their chance to snatch up the latest iteration from PlayStation but supply-chain issues and the pandemic are making it tough to buy.

Sony announced last week its PlayStation5 would be available to the general public on Nov. 12, and a week later in some regions — just not in stores. Pre-orders were available and some Twitter users suggested they were walking out of stores under the watchful eye of the unfortunate.

“What a year,” Jim Ryan, the president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, said in a statement Wednesday.

In announcing the launch plans last week, the company said that in the interest of keeping people safe during the pandemic, sales would

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Inside Wall Street’s battle with traders over their use of non-compliant messenger apps like WhatsApp and WeChat

A compliance executive who oversees markets and securities services at a top Wall Street bank said messaging apps have become more of a pressing issue in the past two or three years. They spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal policy freely.

Traders have increasingly looked to do business on messenger apps like WeChat and WhatsApp. WhatsApp; Getty Images; Samantha Lee/Business Insider

© WhatsApp; Getty Images; Samantha Lee/Business Insider
Traders have increasingly looked to do business on messenger apps like WeChat and WhatsApp. WhatsApp; Getty Images; Samantha Lee/Business Insider

And while firms can warn people to stay off certain apps and offer company-approved devices and channels, there’s always the temptation to meet client preferences or use WhatsApp for more informal communications inside the firm. 

If a bank is dealing with a client that uses WeChat or WhatsApp, and that’s the way they want to communicate, “it creates a challenge for us,” this compliance exec told Business Insider. 

Business Insider spoke with more than a dozen traders, compliance experts, tech

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New PlayStation Hits Market Ready For Battle With Latest Xbox

Sony’s PlayStation 5 went on sale Thursday, just two days after rival Microsoft released its newest Xbox, with the next-generation consoles vying for holiday season dominance as the pandemic boosts gaming demand.

With pre-orders pointing to a record launch, market leader Sony is counting on big-ticket exclusive games like “Spider-Man: Miles Morales” to keep the edge over its US challenger.

With coronavirus cases rising in many countries, launch events are off the table, and crowds of eager customers out of the question.

Sony's PS5 launched just days after Microsoft's new Xbox hit stores worldwide Sony’s PS5 launched just days after Microsoft’s new Xbox hit stores worldwide Photo: AFP / CHARLY TRIBALLEAU

While the new Xbox hit shelves worldwide on Tuesday, the PS5 is available from Thursday in Australia, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, North America and South Korea, but gamers elsewhere will have to wait until November 19.

In Sydney, just a handful of customers were collecting their pre-ordered consoles on Thursday morning.

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