New Grelos skimmer variant reveals overlap in Magecart group activities, malware infrastructure

A new variant of a skimmer has revealed the increasingly muddy waters associated with tracking groups involved in Magecart-style attacks. 

On Wednesday, researchers from RiskIQ described how a new Grelos skimmer has shown there is “increased overlaps” in Magecart infrastructure and groups, with this malware — alongside other forms of skimmer — now being hosted on domain infrastructure used by multiple groups, or connected via WHOIS records, known phishing campaigns, and the deployment of other malware, creating crossovers that can be difficult to separate. 

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Magecart is an umbrella term used to describe information stealing campaigns and threat actors that specialize in the theft of payment card data from e-commerce websites. 

Several years ago, well-known brands including British Airways and Ticketmaster became the first major victims of this form of attack, and since then, countless websites have

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NuScale Power Applauds Ford Government’s Commitment to Resumption of Planning Activities for New Nuclear Development

NuScale Power extends sincere congratulations to Ontario Power Generation (OPG) and the Government of Ontario for today’s leadership and commitment to resume planning activities for future nuclear power generation development at the Darlington site and for the integration of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) as part of Ontario’s clean energy future.

Today’s important announcement builds upon the historic 50-year legacy of nuclear energy in the Durham Region and ensures nuclear power remains a cornerstone of Ontario’s energy supply mix for many decades to come. This is excellent news for the Durham Region and the Province, as it looks to further leverage its well-established and renowned nuclear expertise, skilled workforce, and robust supply chain that spans Ontario to continue to benefit all Ontarians.

Ontario and Canada’s commitment to SMR development and advancing the technology’s myriad applications is commendable. NuScale feels strongly that our proven and U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) approved, recognized,

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