McRib’s Return Memes and Jokes as Internet Divided Over McDonald’s Sandwich Comeback

The McRib comeback has McDonald’s fans divided. Those who both love and loathe the long-awaited sandwich have taken to Twitter to share memes and jokes about the return of the McRib, which will be available in McDonald’s restaurants nationwide from today for a limited time.

It’s no secret that the McRib has many fans, and its cult-status has even been documented in an episode of Family Guy.

The clip of Peter Griffin spotting a billboard for the McRib and racing back to get his family resurfaced on Twitter when the sandwich’s comeback was first announced on October 30, by Twitter user @Jamius, who said: “Since the McRib is back, here’s the best 24 seconds of television.”

Twitter user Pitucito said: “McRib gang” and shared the Pope meme, depicting Pope Francis holding the infamous McDonald’s sandwich.

On Election Day, Brent Terhune joked: “Anxious. Can’t sleep. Can’t focus. This wait is killing me. Can we just get the McRib already?”

However, there are plenty of people who seem to detest the McRib too, and they are not afraid to make their feelings known.

On the day the McRib’s return was announced, Leon Lush said: “good morning to everyone except people that feel genuine excitement when the McRib comes back”

Sonny Bunch said: “The McRib is disgusting in a way that few other fast foods are disgusting and I am disgusted that you pigs even pretend to like it.”

Matt Walsh said: “Quick tip: if your local McDonald’s doesn’t have the McRib sandwich, you can swing by Pet Smart and find something in the dog food aisle that’s at least as good and far healthier.”

The return of the McRib has resurfaced stories that demonstrate the extent to which some people will go to try get a McRib sandwich.

One Twitter user shared a video of a woman pleading with her city council to get the McDonald’s restaurants in her area to bring back the McRib sandwich. The video went viral in 2016 when it was up to the regional managers of McDonald’s restaurants to decide whether or not to bring it back.

In the video, Xanthe Pajarillo says: “The removal of the McRib from the menu has affected my family, because every Thanksgiving, my family would, like, order a 50-piece chicken McNugget and like, 10 McRibs.

“It was like, a tradition in our family, and now it’s like—well, like my family’s holiday spirit is kind of messed up and broken.”

While Pajarillo’s case may have been performance art or a joke, her passion reflects how a lot of Americans feel about the sandwich.

Another viral video that has resurfaced is the video of a woman named Carla raging about being disrespected over a McRib. The video from 2016 sees the woman claim that she wasn’t offered the deal of an extra McRib for $1. The employee allegedly looked her up and down and told her she didn’t look like she needed an extra McRib.

Carla responds: “McScuse me?” and claims that she throat punched the employee, encouraging her viewers to do the same.

The McRib is now available at McDonald’s restaurants across the U.S. for a limited time.

A McRib is seen at a McDonald’s restaurant on November 3, 2010 in San Francisco, California. The sandwich is back on the menu for a limited time after last being available nationwide in 2012.
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