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Hello, I’m Laura Davis. I’m an Australian comedian who normally lives in London, but I’ve ended up unexpectedly trapped in New Zealand this year on my way back to Australia. Well, as much as you can be trapped in one of the safest places in the world.

I’ve spent most of 2020 walking around in the woods alone in the day, and scrolling through the internet to check the rest of the world is still there at night. It’s been nice but I am probably getting a bit of a Jack Torrance vibe.

London and New Zealand are great, don’t get me wrong, but I haven’t been home to Australia in years and by now I’m homesick enough that I’d probably fall to my knees at the mere waft of a sausage. In the spirit of patriotism, I’ve quarantined this list to the Aussie corner of the internet. (Full disclosure, these internet people are all my real-life friends, but at the moment this is the only way I get to see them too.)

1) This sketch from Mad as Hell that I wish was for a real show

‘This country is facing an existential crisis.’

Writing on Mad As Hell was one of the best jobs I’ve ever gotten to do and I miss working with the team and cast. I’ve really loved watching how they tackled 2020 restrictions and I’m extremely glad that they were allowed to keep producing the show this year. This was one of my favourites last season and I think it really shows off the ensemble so well.

2) This intro clip for MAGMA

Engineering numbers.

Speaking of Mad As Hell, Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall and Andy Matthews are two of the best sketch writers I’ve ever gotten to work with. This is the intro clip for their show MAGMA, which you can go and watch on demand here along with other incredible Australian comedians like Double Denim and Jude Perl.

3) This perfect gala set from Steph Tisdell (language warning!)

‘I will just warn you before I go any further …’

As a comic it’s hard to sum yourself up in a four-minute gala set but Steph really nails it here. She’s just so good.

4) Steve Irwin being bitten by a snake three seconds after he says it won’t bite

‘The only reason I’m doing this is because this one’s a python …’

The only not-stand-up clip that I’ve included. The snake has impressive comic timing considering it’s a snake. Steve Irwin is such a gentleman with beautiful manners. Take a moment to appreciate the dedication of the puppeteer and the host’s brave gaze. I don’t know what else you could want.

5) Danielle Walker’s joke about her grandad’s grave

‘He calls it his man grave.’

Probably one of the bits I try and retell badly to people the most. Sorry for butchering it at dinner parties, Danielle.

6) This clip from Kirsty Webeck

‘I had a little nibble.’

Kirsty has such a delightful energy. This clip was a nice surprise 2020 treat the other week when it came through my feed.

7) Alice Fraser

‘A bit testerical are we?’

Alice has a plethora of amazing comedy available online, but this is a great intro if you haven’t seen her work before. The punchline count in this four and a half minutes is genuinely incredible.

8) Jude Perl’s Hungry and Horny

‘Proudly brought to you by …’

Jude is just plain talented. If I’m ever having a bad day I put on her albums for an instant boost.

9) Jack Druce – just Jack Druce in general

‘Say what you will about a single bed …’

Jack is the most unique joke writer I can think of and I really love his work. It was pretty hard to select my favourite clip so I really recommend watching the full show on his channel. He’s also got a great newsletter that you can’t see on the internet unless you sign up for it here.

10) John Robertson’s Twitter

John Robertson and I started comedy in Perth together many years ago and he’s one of the highest energy comics I’ve ever seen. Locked down in the UK with no large theatres to play, let’s just say he is bringing a strong presence to Twitter at the moment.

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